Helpful tips and good habits to get and stay debt free

If you can't control your emotions, you can forget about leading a debt free life.

Staying debt free is an art. The one who learns this art fast can lead a happy financial life and the one who doesn't is doomed to lifelong miseries.

How to become debt free through OVLG

OVLG helps you in becoming a debt free man through its much talked about Waterfall approach to debt free™ life. This approach is very unique as it helps you select the right solution on the basis of your financial and debt situation.

How it works

Like it has been said, Waterfall approach to debt free™ life gives you the best solution as per your financial health and debt situation.
Find out how it works and helps you choose the right debt free option.

Financial health

  • Not bad - Few unpaid bills
  • Struggling - Unable to pay monthly bills
  • Poor - Huge bills and missed payments
  • Worse - Unpaid debts and property at risk
  • Worst - Unpaid debts with small income
Waterfall approach to debt free

Debt free solution

  • Budgeting and bill payment
  • Debt management plan
  • Debt settlement program
  • Chapter 13 bankruptcy
  • Chapter 7 bankruptcy

Selected the debt free solution that works best in your current financial situation? Good. Now click on the solution on which you want to get help from OVLG.

Why you should get advice on debt free life from OVLG

  • You get right advice on how to get debt free
  • You get a list of debt solutions in 48 states
  • You can compare and choose the right option
  • Your personal information remains private
  • You can get an idea of your expenses and savings
  • There's a panel of attorneys to advise you

How to stay debt free life long

Staying debt free is as important as getting out of debt. To live debt free life, you should have an idea about your finances. Here are some steps you can take:

  • Save whenever you can to build wealth
  • Allocate your savings to different accounts
  • Automate payments to keep your accounts in good shape
  • Use different credit cards for specific purposes
  • Pay off your credit card bills every month
  • Adjust your budget as per your income and expense changes
  • Track your personal financial performance frequently
  • Resist temptations, control emotions and restrict expenses

8 Habits you should have for a debt free life

So you want to have a life free of debt? But, what kind of habits should you practice every day? Find out on your own.

  1. 1 Ask for lower interest rates when you've good credit
  2. 2 Act as per your long-term financial goals
  3. 3 Ask for forgiveness whenever you're paying late
  4. 4 Ask financially successful people for free debt advice
  5. 5 Imagine you earn less and then make a budget accordingly
  6. 6 Reduce your expenses as per the budget
  7. 7 Set aside money for your emergency fund
  8. 8 Know your net-worth before signing papers

Debt free living tips you can't miss out

  • Call at 800-530-OVLG to know how to be debt free
  • Create a budget to find your path to financial freedom
  • Increase your earning potential to pay bills and save as well
  • Calculate how much you've to pay to be debt free
  • Check out various debt solutions
Explore 21 simple debt free living tips
Eager to get debt free?
Pick up your phone and call at (800) 530 - OVLG
Get right advice and enter into the debt free zone

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