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As a reputed law firm, we believe in trust and transparency. For that reason, we have shared a few pieces of information for our visitors on this page.

1. How much does the program cost?

OVLG charges a success fee equal to 15% of the total amount of debt settled through the debt settlement program.

We charge a $50 monthly consultation fee for programs in which our savings and budgeting specialists deliver monthly financial advice.

We apply consultancy fees within the success fee when it becomes payable. This means that the consultancy fees become free in many cases and the clients only have to pay the success fee.

2. What are the terms and conditions of OVLG's debt settlement program?

Potential clients can access OVLG's terms and conditions here. Please familiarize yourself with these prior to enrolling in our program.

3. What percentage of OVLG clients settle at least some of their debt?

OVLG has settled at least one account for 72.7% of its clients. Credit for such an exceptional performance goes to Attorney Solomon, his assistants, and our client’s motivation. The funds in the trust account of each client also helped them to make their efforts successful.

4. What percentage of clients drop out of the debt settlement program before completion?

OVLG has a 24.57 percent dropout rate to date.

5. Why do clients leave the program before it is completed?

Clients exit the program for a variety of reasons, including inability to make monthly payments (11.57 percent), a desire to file bankruptcy at the expense of their credit scores (4.83 percent), obtaining funds from friends and family to pay off creditors (2.76 percent), and other reasons they do not specify (5.41 percent ).

6. What is the average duration of the program for those who successfully complete it?

The duration of the program is determined by a number of factors, including the amount owed, the client's ability to make monthly payments, and the client's ability to save money for a settlement offer. Keeping this in mind, the average OVLG client completes the program in 21 months.

7. What is the average settlement amount offered by OVLG?

Every day, OVLG strives to improve. As a result, our outcomes also improve. OVLG settles for an average of 41.23 percent of the balance owing, saving its clients 58.77 percent.

Are you looking for additional information? Visit our success stories.

8. What is OVLG's Customer satisfaction rate?

The feedback from clients about their experience means a lot to us. We continuously collect feedback from our clients so that we do not miss a single chance to improve our services. That’s why we’re successful at maintaining an 84% satisfaction rate.

Visit our survey page to view customer satisfaction statistics. Additionally, you may see what others are saying on our reviews page.

9. What percentage of clients' accounts are subject to legal action for debts covered by the program?

Less than 8% of our clients have ever faced legal action involving accounts we managed, such as lawsuit or wage garnishment.

10. Do clients continue to receive collection calls during the program?

Some of them do. It’s important to understand that debt collectors make collection calls to compel clients to make payments. So, clients may receive these calls, especially at the beginning of the program.

To reduce or eliminate these calls, OVLG follows strategies that make them unnecessary, such as promptly following up on our client’s behalf and negotiating with the creditors.

Additionally, OVLG educates clients about the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), emphasizing their rights under the act's provisions.

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