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Lyle Solomon (Principal Attorney)

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Bar Number: 226025
Years of experience: 30
Languages known:
  • english, spanish


Atty. Lyle Solomon has significant expertise in legal research and writing. He is a member of the State Bar of California and has extensive litigation experience.

Solomon has helped over 6000 people become debt-free. He has also contributed articles to top-notch websites on debt, credit, consumer laws, bankruptcy, and more.

Check out the nationally recognized consumer finance attorney's latest book- Think Different! Save More! on Amazon to get 48 tips to save your hard-earned money.

Why did I choose to become a Payday Loan Crusader?

I have seen my close friend's life getting destroyed because of his addiction to the easy money of payday loans. It seemed too good to be true to walk into a payday loan store and walk out with $500. It also seemed too easy to only pay back $50/week

Lo and behold, now in his mid-forties, he doesn't have a home, still lives in a shared apartment with housemates, and has paid more to the payday loan companies than on a mortgage down payment.

I have seen this story repeat for hundreds of my clients. I realized I needed to do something to bring payday loan equity, and hence I became the payday loan crusader.


Video Interviews

Topic: Interview with Principal Attorney


Topic: How To Consolidate Payday Loans


Practice Areas

  • Consumer Finance

Contact Information

  • Location: 2316 Snowmass Lane, Rocklin, California, 95677
Phone: 800-530-OVLG
Fax: 800-637-OVLG

Professional Experience

  • Jan 2019 to Present - 2 yr. 6 mo.
    Principal attorney - Oak View Law Group, California.
  • Jan 2015 to Present - 6 yr. 6 mo.
    Contract attorney - Duran Law Office, Roseville, California
  • Jan 2011 to Dec 2014 - 3 yr. 11 mo.
    Contract attorney - Gray & Prouty, Sacramento, California
  • Jan 2010 to Present - 11 yr. 6 mo.
    Contract attorney - Alcaraz - Tocchini, Tucson, Arizona
  • Jan 2003 to Present - 18 yr. 6 mo.
    Attorney at Law - Sole Practitioner, Rocklin, California
  • Jan 2000 to Dec 2003 - 3 yr. 11 mo.
    Law Clerk - Prentice & Schaap, Attorneys at Law, Sacramento, California


  • University of the Pacific, McGeorge School of Law, Sacramento, California
  • University of Nevada , Las Vegas
    B.A. Major: Criminal Justice

Articles Contributed

Payday loan consolidation is a debt relief program that helps you consolidate and repay your high-interest, short-term loans with a single affordable monthly payment plan...
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Working parents who have small kids may spend a lot of money on different cost categories such as diapers, food, and clothing. But undoubtedly, child care cost is the most important and biggest expense that working parents need to manage. Depending on their neighborhood and the number of kids in early care, child care costs can exceed any household's average monthly mortgage payments.
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Are you finished with your studies and ready to join the workforce? Such a moment is indeed worth celebrating. Yet, for many freshly graduated students, the time is marred with financial stress due to pending student loan payments. Typically, student borrowers take around 20+ years to pay off their loan amount entirely. But that means that you have to spend a long time paying off student loan dues until you become completely debt-free.
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An organized tax filer is always interested in saving more on tax bills than the previous year since it is probably the best way to reduce tax liability. So, it's always a clever initiative to learn some strategies to save money on tax bills. Make sure to formulate documentation of your capital gains in advance to handle your tax situation better. Once you manage every possible tax deduction opportunity, you can use the tax credit to pay off your other financial obligations as well.
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If you ever think about switching your bank, you should ask yourself a few questions first. How satisfied are you with your old bank account? Did you experience something that you didn’t expect? If yes, it might be the ideal time to switch your bank. But, you should consider many factors before switching banks. The factors include shifting, financial status, security preferences, banking habits, or vivid services, etc.
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