OVLG Debt consolidation program helps you consolidate 6 types of debts and save money. Find out why you can trust us to get out of debt.
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Debt consolidation helps you consolidate bad debt to zero

The simple process of combining debts into a favorable and single monthly payment plan is called debt consolidation. This debt relief process can result in:

  • Lower interest rate
  • Lower monthly payment

How much can you save?
Monthly payment you can afford

Types of debts OVLG consolidates

Credit card debts

You can bring down your interest rates and forget about multiple credit cards you have.

Just make a single and small monthly payment to us and we will take care of all your creditors’ demands and payment issues.

Credit card debt consolidation

Online pdls

We consolidate your high interest online pdls and help you pay what you can afford every month. You won’t have to pay additional interest rates.

This is also known as payday loan consolidation.

More on online pdls

Collection accounts

Yes, we can even help you consolidate valid collection accounts at super low interest rates.

We will reduce collection calls and waive off late fees and fines. We’ll give you a pocket-friendly payment plan too.

More on collection accounts

Unsecured debt

Have other types of unsecured debts? Don’t worry. We can help you deal with those types of debts too. Besides, you won’t have to endure harassing collection calls too.

This is also known as unsecured debt consolidation

More on unsecured debts

Medical bills

With OVLG debt consolidation program, you can keep your hefty medical bills under control.

Instead of making bulk payments to medical practitioners, send a small amount to us every month and sleep peacefully.

Medical bill consolidation

Storefront pdls

Need desperate help to get storefront pdls off your back? Don’t worry we are there for you.

We’ll help you consolidate these high-interest pdls to an amount which is affordable.

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Should you trust OVLG?

Here are the 12 trust-building factors you can find in OVLG.

  • 1 Consolidates debts quickly and charges budget-friendly fees
  • 2 Protects your privacy like its own
  • 3 Offers calculators to inform how much you can save
  • 4 Solves your every kind of debt consolidation needs
  • 5 Waits for your permission before consolidating debts
  • 6 Gives you a 100% refund in case of unsatisfactory results
  • 7 Helps you consolidate debt in 48 states
  • 8 Offers best advice on consolidation
  • 9 Is registered with the CalBar
  • 10 Has an excellent client satisfaction rate
  • 11 Has more than 350 live reviews
  • 12 Gives you a written agreement and follows FTC laws
Mon Mar, 2016 Review: EP1 saved $2969.06
Client satisfaction level:
* Client names have been changed to protect privacy

What is debt consolidation all about?

Obviously, you won’t get into debt consolidation if it doesn’t help you save money. But how does it work? Does it really help you get your life back on track? If yes, then how? Let’s find out.

How does debt consolidation work?

But before we dig deeper into how your debts can be consolidated, let us know about the basic program first.

Debt consolidation program: Here you consolidate credit cards, personal loans, payday loans, medical bills, unsecured lines of credit and collection accounts into an easy and affordable payment plan by enrolling into a program offered by debt consolidation companies.

How does it help you save money?

A debt consolidation program helps you save money by:

  • Lowering your interest rates
  • Lowering your monthly payments
  • Waiving off late fees
  • Waiving off penalties and extra charges

How does it differ from debt settlement?

The difference lies in the mode of operation and their effect on credit score.

In debt consolidation, your payments are disbursed amongst creditors as soon as you start making payments. It will help to raise your credit score with time.

In debt settlement, your debts are negotiated as soon as you save around 50% of your outstanding balance in a dedicated account. Initially, it won’t help to increase your credit score.

Know more about settlement
Make sure your credit report is updated as "paid in full" after you consolidate debt.

When debt consolidation is good for you

The best part of this debt relief option is that it allows you to get out of debt within your financial means. However, it would only be a good option for you when:

  • You’re disciplined enough to control your impulsive spending habits
  • You don’t want to run into more credit card debts
  • You’ve finally decided to lead a frugal life from now onwards
  • You won’t be borrowing money from banks or family members

Pros and cons of consolidating debts through companies

Pros of debt consolidation companies
  • Debt consolidation companies know your creditors much better than you
  • They know how to convince them for reducing interest rates
  • They can create a perfect payment plan for you
  • They would take care of creditors’ demands and complaints
  • They would disburse the right amount to right creditors at the right time
  • They’re an expert at eliminating late fees, penalties and fines
  • They would guide you whenever you’re distressed
  • They can help you consolidate debt with bad credit too
Cons of debt consolidation companies
  • They would charge a fee for the debt service
  • All consolidation companies are not equally good
  • You can get into bigger mess if you’re a part of fake debt consolidation programs
  • Fraudulent companies would charge a fee even before they have consolidated your credit cards
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