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Bill consolidation and budgeting: 2 Smart ways to make bill payments

Do you spend more than what you earn? Do you borrow money every month? If so, budgeting can put an end to your financial problems.

Even if you feel comfortable with your finances, budgeting is still significant since you need to save for the future. If you don't seem to manage your finances even with budgeting, you can opt for bill consolidation to take care of your multiple bills.

With proper guidance, you'll be able to control your expenses and pay your bills on time.

How can I help you repay your unpaid bills?

Once you contact us:

  • My assistant will ask you questions about your unpaid bills and your current financial situation.
  • I will check your file and suggest the best way to repay your bills.
  • I will help you consolidate your bills through the bill consolidation process (If required).
  • I will tell you whether you need to take out a consolidation loan or sign up for a bill consolidation program.
  • My assistant will help you improve personal budgeting skills to repay bills easily.
  • I will guide you through the proper way to manage your bills.

What other essential services can you get from me?

How can I help you with bill payment?

I will teach you budgeting skills so that you can manage your bills in a better way.

I can help you repay your bills through a bill consolidation program.

BudgetingBill consolidation
provide an initial free consultationprovide an initial free consultation
thoroughly review your financial situationanalyze your income and expenses
create a budget by evaluating your income and expensesask you how much you can pay every month
take all your bills into accountlower your interest rates
draw up an affordable payment planwaive penalties and fines
forward all your payments to your creditors on timearrange a simple low monthly payment plan
guide you to maintain your finances to avoid debts in the futureLower your monthly payments

On-time payments can help you save a lot and maintain a debt-free life. Budgeting is not a one time activity. It’s an ongoing practice you need to follow to lead a healthy financial life. Likewise, you need to follow the repayment plan while paying your bills through a consolidation program.

What is bill consolidation?

Bill consolidation is the process of consolidating bills into one monthly payment through a program or a loan. It allows you to make only one payment for all your bills instead of 7 or 8 every month. Usually, your interest rate will be lower than what you’re paying now.

What are the types of bill consolidation available to you?

  1. Credit card bill consolidation
  2. Medical bill consolidation
  3. Utility bill consolidation

How can the bill consolidation programs help you?

  • My assistants help to consolidate bills into one payment
  • These programs help you pay lower interest rates
  • One of my assistants helps you pay less every month
  • Consolidation programs help you manage multiple bills easily

How can bill consolidation programs help you with bill payments?

You can sign up with a bill consolidation program to repay your bills. Bill consolidation companies consolidate multiple bills into one simple, manageable monthly payment plan. If you sign up for the bill consolidation program offered by the OVLG, one of my assistants will negotiate with your creditors to lower your monthly payments on credit card bills, medical bills, utility bills, etc. If your creditors agree to lower the interests, my assistant will give you an affordable monthly payment plan. Once those negotiations are done, you can pay all your bills in one payment every month until your debts are paid.

How can budgeting help you with bill payments?

Good budgeting skills help you manage your money better. Thus, my team will help you learn proper budgeting skills.

  • Once you learn budgeting skills, you learn how to manage bills every month.
  • You can more easily keep track of multiple bills.
  • You can live within your means while handling your bills.
  • You can manage your bills with low income.
  • You can reduce your expenses, save for the future, and pay your bills.
  • Following a budget helps you to eliminate debt in a planned way.
  • You can prepare for intended future goals and unplanned emergencies.
  • You can build a steady credit score.

Why should you learn budgeting skills from us?

We stress the importance of learning budgeting skills because of its many advantages. You can get a 30 minute budgeting consultation from us by paying a nominal charge. You will get an alert from us to revise your budget from time to time as we check your progress on budgeting.

What should you do? Consolidate your bills or plan a budget?

Nothing is better than managing your bill payments with effective budgeting. Usually, budgeting can help with bill payments when:

  • Your budget plan is realistic
  • You can stick to the plan
  • You can save money to pay your bills

Budgeting won’t help to lower your interest rates or payments. If your main goal is to lower your monthly payments, bill consolidation is the best option. I can help you with both these options.

How can you consolidate bills with bad credit?

A thoughtful way to consolidate bills with bad credit is to enroll in bill consolidation programs. The eligibility criteria are easy for these programs. You can qualify for these programs even with a low credit score, and bill consolidation companies won’t charge extra fees for that. So, when you want to pay all bills at a low-interest rate and have poor credit, it’s better to enroll in these programs.

What is the best way you can keep track of bills?

Well, there are various apps you can use to keep track of bills. For instance, Mint, Billtracker, Bills for iPhone, Bill Watch, Bills Monitor, Bill Keeper Pro, Chronicle, Crowd Money, Home Budget Lite, etc.

Study the pros and cons of each app and select the one best suited to help you track your bills properly.

Most of the apps above charge a fee. Plus, you have to monitor them from time to time. But if you sign up with OVLG, I will create a budget for you, note down the bills you have to pay, and forward payments to creditors. You don’t have to do anything.

How can you pay bills each month?

An automatic payment system helps to make on-time bill payments each month. You won’t have to worry about anything more than making sure the money is in your account. The specified amount will be debited from your bank account, and your bills will be paid each month.

How can you manage your bills on-time

Well, if you’re serious about paying bills on time, there are a couple of things you can do. For instance, you can check your credit reports and make a list of debts you owe. Next, look at your credit card statements and bank statements and make a list of all your recurring bills. Usually, regular bills include utility bills, gym memberships, cell phone bills, etc.

Note how much you owe and when payments are due. Create a calendar and organize the bills by their due dates.

Or just set up an automatic payment schedule with your bank, as we discussed above.

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