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Credit card debt settlement - Settle online and save now

Credit card settlement makes you feel rich even when you don't have full money to pay back your creditors

Credit card debt settlement is the process wherein you shrink your debts through negotiation. It helps you pay almost half of what you owe on your credit cards. This process is also known as credit card debt negotiation.

How much can you save?
Monthly payment you can afford

OVLG Credit card debt settlement process

OVLG helps you get debt relief in 6 small steps. Our attorneys give you the best credit card debt settlement advice in 48 states 24*7. All you need to do is navigate the process and trust us a little bit.

How OVLG eliminates credit card debt

Credit card debt settlement programs - When, how and why

When it makes sense

  • You're at risk of getting sued
  • You seriously want to save money
  • You can't even make minimum payments
  • Collection calls are excessive
  • You may get bankrupt soon
  • You may have to borrow money to reduce balance

How it reduces your debts

Negotiation with creditors

Convince you can't pay the full amount

Creditor agrees

Reduces debt, removes penalties & fees

You settle and save


Make sure your creditors don't report paid as settled on your credit report. Rather, request them to update it as paid in full to save your credit score.

Why you must choose OVLG

  • 1 It offers the best credit card debt settlement program online
  • 2 It helps you save on late fees, penalties and balance
  • 3 It follows the credit card debt settlement laws
  • 4 It gives you 100% no result refund policy
  • 5 It gives you sample debt settlement letters for free
  • 6 It gives you the perfect credit card debt settlement advice
  • 7 It has 84% satisfied clients and 360+ live reviews
  • 8 It's a CalBar registered law firm
Thu Jul, 2016 Review: BM saved $6833.99
Client satisfaction level:
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What you gain and what you lose

Pros - What you gain
  • Your money and respect
  • You pay less to creditors
  • You get fewer collection calls
  • You can avoid getting sued
Cons - What you lose
  • You will credit score will drop by a few points
  • You've to pay tax (when savings is 600+)

Credit card settlement companies

Want to settle credit card debt through companies? Finally ready to get help from professional settlement companies? It's time you differentiate between the credit card debt settlement facts and fiction.

  • Credit card debt settlement companies are scams
  • You can get rid of your credit cards today
  • You need to pay a fee in advance
  • It is the only option to get rid of debt
  • You'll not be in debt once negotiation is over
  • You can't settle credit card debt online
  • No. Rather, they help you settle credit cards fast.
  • Only a miracle can help you to do that
  • Credit card settlement companies are forbidden to do that
  • No there are other options as well
  • No. Secured debts can't be settled
  • Wrong. OVLG helps you settle debt online

4 Legal secrets for settling credit cards for less

1 Settle before your accounts are given to collectors

The first black spot is created on your credit report when you default on credit cards. And, the second black spot is created when your credit cards are given to collectors. Your score may drop between 45 and 65 points once your accounts go to collectors.

2 Create a strong negotiation strategy

Compile all facts - your income and expenses. Then create a convincing story and present it in front of your creditors. You've to explain why you can't pay the full amount by all means. Remember, creditors already know you pretty well. Make sure you don't lie. If you don't want to take a headache, then leave everything to OVLG. We'll take care of everything.

3 Be patient and wait for the right time

Creditors may not accept the initial offer. This doesn't mean it's the final decision of creditors. They may accept a modified version of your offer. So, be patient and let us renegotiate with creditors. Also, don't be ashamed of yourself. It's not a crime to settle credit cards.

4 Get a written agreement in your hand

Irrespective of how you settle your credit card debt, never ever pay a penny without getting a written agreement beforehand. OVLG always gives a written settlement agreement online. You can check the clauses before paying a penny.

3 Steps to settle credit card debts online

1> Save: Save money till your creditors are ready to settle credit cards
2> Negotiate: Negotiate either on your own or through OVLG
3> Pay: Make a lump sum payments as agreed during negotiation

What if you can't settle credit cards?

Creditors are not your slaves. So, what if they don't agree to settle your credit cards? What should you do?

Well, the only choice you've is to view the alternatives and these are:

Credit card debt consolidation wherein you get an alternative payment plan.
Credit card debt management wherein we'll prompt creditors to slash interest rates.

How to choose the better option

Credit card debt settlement - Safety kit

  • Credit card debt settlement letter
  • Credit card settlement agreement
  • Credit card debt collection laws

What's more

So, ready to go for credit card debt settlement online?
Just call us at 800-530-OVLG and get the best advice in town
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