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Waterfall approach to debt free™

The waterfall approach describes which debt relief option works for different situations. For instance, when your financial condition is still in good shape, you can go for budgeting. Otherwise, you can consider other debt relief programs such as debt settlement or management. Keep in mind; bankruptcy works best when other options fail to solve your problem.

What do I offer in the waterfall approach in the debt-free method?

Once you contact us:

  • One of my assistants will ask you about your current debt situation.
  • My assistant will note down all the details of your debts and create a file.
  • My assistant will elaborate on all the available debt solutions.
  • I will review your file and help you choose the best solution based on your current debt situation.
  • I will help you switch to the next best alternative anytime if your current plan doesn’t work.
  • I will assure you that you will become debt-free even if you are in the worst debt condition.

Now, look at the infographic to see how the waterfall strategy works

Waterfall approach to debt free

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