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Client PB1 saved $26866.43

Hi my name is ********** I was a Oak View Legal, Law Group customer since June 2010, really helped me out a lot saved me a tremendous amount of money and Sandra and her team were great to work with. Whenever I was in a pinch they will help me out for the month and uh... really appreciate the service they done uh... recommend it to people who have credit card debt and are in a hard spot. Again Oak View Law Group, some great people to work with thank you.

Client NM saved $20466.87

Hi! I want to thanks the OVLG group for the fantastic job they did during these three years that it took me to reach my goal of paying my debts. I also would like to thanks personally my Client Relationship Manager Mr. Lewis for all the effort he put into it. I highly recommend the services of OVLG group to any person that might be in the same situation that I was. Thank you again!

Client JP3 saved $18753.93

I want to thank Oak View Law Group and Sandra Gibson my client representative, for their hard work and dedication in my case. I was ecstatic when Mr. Gibson had told me about the last payment has been made to my last creditor and all debt has been cleared. I want to say thank you and I recommend them to anyone, thank you.

Client LDS saved $19283.16

Thank you Oak View Law Group, you've been great. You guys have really saved me thousands, I mean thousands. I have been with you guys 6 months now and I'm really astonished that the facts I mean this had out of my life. I mean I came here 6 months ago and I really didn't know what to expect but I really learned a lot and I mean I saved thousands. I don't know how many times I can say really but it has been great. Experience has been enjoyable and fulfilling, I would recommend it to anyone that's trying to save money. This is the best way to go Oak View Law Group. Thank you, bye bye.

Client MP2 saved $15760.1

Well, my name is ……. I'm making this video today on behalf Nita at oak view law group. Having a large amount of debt is very disheartening and impressive. I found myself having difficulty in paying off by an outstanding bills, after speaking to a representative at oak view law, I agree to choose a debt settlement program. It was then that Nita became a sign to me and has worked with me the past two years. She helped me to set the biweekly payment plan based around my payday so there is money to begin paying off by creditors. She worked with my creditors to negotiate a settlement then using the money in my account will pay off agree upon settlement amount. I benefited from this by going to pay off the account any lesser amount and the creditor was able to get back to a substantial portion of the original debt. A win-win for both us. I was able to avoid bankruptcy. The entire time she was wonderful to work with. She made the entire process easy, any question I posed to her was answered emails or reply to promptly. She was always polite and professional a true ambassador for oak view law. I would highly recommend this company and needed anyone find themselves in a similar position Thank you Nita and thank you Oak View Law Group.

Client MH1 saved $15831.31

Hi my name is ……… I would like to take a moment to thank oak view law group for handling my case and resolving my debt, my creditors. I would like to thank Sean Lewis who was my personal counsellor, he worked diligently with my creditors and myself in a timely manner. He has been professional and he has done everything that he said he was gonna do. He has worked hard to reduce my debt down and I can look forward to a debt free life. I just thank Sean Lewis again for his professionalism and his diligence. Now like to thank oak view law that helped me to reduce my debt down. I’m looking for to be out of set pretty soon.

Client JV1 saved $13475.55

Hi my name is ******** I wanna thank Oak View Law Group for doing exactly what they said they were gonna do. My point of contact was Sandra Gibson. Any time I had a question I'd call her and she was always available, If she wasn't she'd get back to me in the same day. They saved me over 50% of what I owed and did exactly what they said they would do. I would recommend them to anyone and once again I wanna thank you guys very much.

Client LL saved $11825.51

Hi, My name is ....... and I just compelled to put a video testimonial on behalf of Anthony Robbins with the Oak View Law group. He is been on my case a little over a year, a year and half now. He is doing an excellent job of the 6 creditors that we have been negotiating with. 3 had been negotiated with and we’ve 3 left. He has done an incredible job and I would recommend them without any hesitation to anybody so, thank you Anthony Mr. Anthony Robbins.

Saved $8505.65
20th July, 2015
Client Initial: NF
Debt processed:
Debt settled:

Citi Bank
Saved $5266.07
28th October, 2015
Client Initial: JZ
Debt processed:
Debt settled:

Citi Bank
Saved $5260.88
29th January, 2015
Client Initial: TB1
Debt processed:
Debt settled:

TD Bank

11 Legal options to hope for a new financial life

Want to know how it feels to have a life without any stress? Choose the option that best suits your needs.

How OVLG helps you navigate the debt relief process

Waterfall approach to debt free
Waterfall approach to debt free

The waterfall approach shows suitable debt relief options at different financial situations.

When your financial health is stable, you can repay bills through budgeting. Otherwise, you can choose debt management or settlement option. But do remember that bankruptcy is your last option.

Learn more

Quick solution to payday loan debts
Quick solution to payday loan debts

This payday help cycle makes you understand in simple steps how our attorneys and relationship managers assist you with your payday debts. Once you join our hands, we'll verify the legitimacy of the loan and take quick steps to resolve your debt problem.

Learn more
Pick the best debt relief program
Pick the best debt relief program

Sometimes, you just get confused when there are as many as 12 legal options to move forward in your life. Like a confused debtor, you look at your options and think which one would be the best option. Too many unanswered questions stop you from making the right decision and complicate your life even more.

We understand your hesitation and help you choose the best debt relief program. All you need to do is just answer a few questions.

Learn more
Free sample letters to settle debts
Free sample letters to settle debts

Verbal communications are not enough when it comes to negotiating with creditors. You need to communicate in writing so that everything is properly documented. Here are some letters you can use to negotiate with creditors, debt collectors and credit bureaus. These are special tools which will help you shine in your life without any trouble.

View more

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