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- Attorney Solomon (Nationally Recognized)

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Debt relief options to save money and avoid lawsuits

Repay your bills with smart budgeting and bill consolidation.

Lower your interest rates and free up cash to make reduced monthly payments on your debt.

Get out of debt with one lump sum payment to save money on late fees, fines, interest, and the total amount you owe.

Become debt free in 3 to 4 months while keeping some of your assets.

Become debt free in three to five years without losing your assets.

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It's never too late to learn how to manage money well

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Our reviews

Our reviews

A letter from our Principal Attorney

My name is Lyle Solomon. I have worked with people like you since 1991.

I have helped:

- Reduce monthly payments
- Waive late fees
- Create a single, manageable monthly payment
- Reduce or eliminate collection calls
- Reduce interest rates

I charge fees on success. I've already helped 6700+ people become debt-free with the right strategies.

Lyle Solomon

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Make repayment easy with just one monthly payment you can afford

Replace your multiple high-interest payday loans with an affordable monthly payment plan.

Break the borrowing cycle with a lump sum payment. Pay less than what you owe and save money on fines and late fees.

Get expert guidance on the right corporate structure for your business: C Corp, S Corp, or an LLC.

Give your family peace of mind by deciding how your assets will be distributed after you’re gone.

Protect your assets and make sure they benefit your loved ones with a trust - and a trustee you can trust to manage it.


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8 Tips and tricks to get out of debt in 2022
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10 Ways to recover from the post-holiday financial hangover
10 Ways to recover from the post-holiday financial hangover
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Roth 401(k) - Is it a good option for retirement savings?
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