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Debt relief options to save money and avoid lawsuits

Our experts in 15 consumer law practice areas can help you win your legal battles.

Streamline your debts into one manageable monthly payment, reduce interest rates, and take a stress-free path to becoming debt-free. Take control of your financial life.

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Combine your high-interest payday loans into one affordable monthly payment. Lower interest rates and avoid the cycle of debt. Regain financial stability with ease.

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End the borrowing cycle by negotiating a lump sum payment that's less than what you owe. Save on late fees, high interest, and take strides toward financial freedom.

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Resolve your debts by making a negotiated lump sum payment, often less than the total owed. Reduce late fees, interest, and the overall debt amount. Take a leap towards financial peace.

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Wipe the slate clean by discharging most debts in 3-4 months while retaining some assets. It's a fresh financial start, freeing you from overwhelming debt.

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Retain your assets and restructure debts into a 3-5 year payment plan. Regain control and work towards a debt-free future while protecting what you've worked hard to acquire.

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My name is Lyle Solomon. I have worked with people like you since 1991.

I have helped:

- Reduce monthly payments
- Waive late fees
- Create a single, manageable monthly payment
- Reduce or eliminate collection calls
- Reduce interest rates

I charge fees on success. I've already helped 6700+ people become debt-free with the right strategies.

Lyle Solomon

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Credit Rebuild Tips for First-Time Homebuyers
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High-Interest Debt? Try the Debt Avalanche Method
High-Interest Debt? Try the Debt Avalanche Method
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How to Manage Divorce Debt: Legal and Financial Tips
Divorce is already complicated, to begin with, and the addition of debt just complicates matters. Knowing how the various legal jurisdictions treat debts in divorce cases is important. This paper seeks to unravel the dynamics between legal underpinnings and financial moves when one gets a divorce.
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