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Client AF saved $24966.31

Hi, I am AF and I'm here to say how much we appreciate all your help that oakview law group helped. Dominic and I we called when we were having some financial difficulties and we called we had we needed some help with consolidating some our debt and we had some unforeseen circumstances that have happened. We called we talked to a few different people who gave us some great help great and advice on what we should do what we could do and after talking to you we decided to go with you and we decided to hand over all of our debt. We signed over the power of attorney. You all helped us in stopping creditors calling us, having all the different mail, different people calling us and getting mail sent to our house had immediately stopped. We appreciate all of that. We praise all of that. You guys were able to communicate with us and help us to decide what was great offers to settle with. We appreciate all communication you are very open with us told us if those were good settlement offers but we're not good settlement offer if we were able to accept those offers. Very easy to communicate with your we have questions and if we ever had questions we were able to easily get in contact with you by phone, through email and we really appreciated that we were able to get a quick response whether it was. I'd also like to thank Nita for all of her help. In this process we have had a great contact with me that she has been a great help anytime we have questions or concerns I can immediately contact her and she would email we and contact me and she was always a great resource so I'd like to thank her directly for all of your help. Thank you very much.

Client NV saved $24481.67

Hi my name is NV and I'm from Tampa, Florida. When I contacted the OAK VIEW LAW GROUP, I was almost in $50,000 in debt. I didn't know what to do. I was facing not being able to make my mortgage payments, I was barely covering the minimum payment on my credit cards. They ended up settling my debts for just over $13,000. The OAK VIEW LAW GROUP, they take care of absolutely everything. They contacted the creditors, I was receiving 10/20 phone calls a day, harassing phone calls from the credit card company, they took care of all of that..immediately. They determined a payment amount with me that I was able to pay per month, and doing this though that was paying off my debt little by little as they were negotiating how much I would actually pay. If you're in the position that I was, and just making minimum payment, feeling like you're..you know...completely underwater, don't know what to do, Please ..I beg before you, call the oak view law group. They helped me out..so so much. And now..I have clean slate.

Client RG1 saved $13902.08

Hello guys I am RG1 from California. Nita baker was my representative from OAK VIEW LAW GROUP. I had about nine credit cards. I'm down to two, it's been about two and a half years. The process is simple easy. You know obviously you're on a budget that will help you make the right payments so they won't affect you which a budget so you could get of these credit cards soon as possible. 'Em they will slash credit card debts easy and fast if follow the instructions and they will work with you. Again Nita baker's wanna help me out, she took a lot of weight off my shoulders and I recommend it to everybody. So, thanks a lot OAK VIEW LAW GROUP, the bill was about twenty seven thousand dollars with debt on down two credit cards and it's a happy 2015 for me. So, all of you guys should've try it.. it will work.

Client TE saved $13105.52

Hello, my name is TE and I am actually recording this testimonial because I want to give a really positive review to and talk about my experience with at oakview law group. I contacted them back in 2011 and I've been with them since 2015 to pay off my debt. At the time I was about 34 thousand debts, was really very stressful for me and I wasn't sure how I was going to get everything done and and how I was going to be able to make these payments. so I contacted them and it was by far the best call I ever made. They since day one took care of everything for me. They helped to set my account, they explained it to me so I understood it. They talked about a fee that was reasonable for me every month so that I could pay it off. They gave me a time line. they negotiated down a lot of my debt I actually want up only paying about 17,000 dollar so they cut my debt in half and I can say right now that I'm debt free and it's an amazing feeling and working with Sean and his quick response his professionalism his care for everything answering every question that I had almost same day and just making sure that I felt good about what I was doing and that I was making positive steps. so I can't say enough good things how easy the process was, how much stress it took off my life, I highly recommend anybody that's experiences we all we all experience things our lives. I highly recommend using them really good. there everything they say they are and that's very rare to find.

Client BM saved $12708.5

See hi my name is Brian Milhorn. I've been with oak view law group now going on two years. Pierson has been my agent only recently but he was able to save me two thousand dollars on three thousand dollars that I owe to one of my two one of my creditors. So far in the almost two years have been with you guys, I have saved quite a bit more than halfway there are thirty thousand dollars worth of debt. Anyway Pearson has been very good, he has followed up, he has pay attention he has made this transition much easier. So, anyway thank You Pierson and I hope to keep working with you going forward. All right thank you.

Client LL saved $11825.51

Hi, My name is ....... and I just compelled to put a video testimonial on behalf of Anthony Robbins with the Oak View Law group. He is been on my case a little over a year, a year and half now. He is doing an excellent job of the 6 creditors that we have been negotiating with. 3 had been negotiated with and we’ve 3 left. He has done an incredible job and I would recommend them without any hesitation to anybody so, thank you Anthony Mr. Anthony Robbins.

Client SR saved $11768.17

Hi, this is my video testimonial and I’m a very satisfied customer aaa…. Oak View Law Group aaa… Mr. Silver just been amazing. My debt was consolidated, its pretty much gone now and and it was very quickly. Everybody at Oak View Law Group was very and accommodating to my situation and they're amazing. I refer them to anybody. Thank you so much for everything that you did and I’m trying never gonna be a debt again and it'll be because of Oak View Law. Thank you very much, bye.

Client SP saved $6463.49

Hi my name is Sheila. I was with oak view law group for just shy of three years I believe when the market took a crash and i believe it was twenty ten or 2009. I went from working 40 plus hours a week to working about 15. I lived off of my seven credit cards and accrued quite a bit of debt. Finally when I got to the point that I was unable to really even make the minimum payments because it wasn't even touching the debt that I had. I had found oak view law group through a friend. I called them they made the process very easy for me. I was updated through email I could call whenever I needed to and now today I can say that I am debt free and it feels amazing. I would highly recommend this service, there's two different options that you can do for what I had to go through but I'm very happy i would highly recommend them and it just feels so good to be debt free finally.

Client LG1 saved $4632.8

Hi, my name is LG1 and I cannot say enough about oak view law group and helping me climb I lay out of over twelve thousand dollars in debt, credit card debt. Um..oak view law group did nothing but help me every step of the way very non-judgmental and after almost two years I'm finally out of debt. And it's all thanks to oak view law group. I cannot thank everybody there enough for helping me achieve, achieve being out a credit card debt. Umm..thanks again.

Client KL saved $3820.83

Hi my name is KL, I have been with OAK VIEW LAW GROUP for almost a year in December, it's gonna be a year. I had a lot of issues with MONEYKEY and they hired someone N.A.M LLC who basically told me they were going to sue me and harass me and tell me I needed to make a payment by Thursday in order to avoid being sued in taking court for fraud. A lot of stress has happened with that and in the last 24 to 48 hours. Paul, Tracy, Steve have all worked really hard to get them to sort that out. They've got a really good deal. I am eternally grateful for that. I would have been dying with lots more stress had I not had OAK VIEW LAW and Paul and Stephen, Tracy working with me on that. So, I just wanted to shout out to them and let them know but I really appreciate their work in the need to keep doing what they're doing.

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Saved $8505.65
Saved $8505.65 with Citi Bank for Client NF
20th July, 2015
Client Initial: NF
Debt processed:
Debt settled:

Citi Bank
Saved $5266.07
Saved $5266.07 with Citi Bank  for Client JZ
28th October, 2015
Client Initial: JZ
Debt processed:
Debt settled:

Citi Bank
Saved $5260.88
Saved $5260.88 with  TD Bank for Client TB1
29th January, 2015
Client Initial: TB1
Debt processed:
Debt settled:

TD Bank
Saved $4451.73
Saved $4451.73 with Washington Mutual(LVNV Funding) for Client SR
15th April, 2014
Client Initial: SR
Debt processed:
Debt settled:

Washington Mutual(LVNV Fu...

How OVLG helps you navigate the debt relief process

Waterfall approach to debt free

Waterfall approach to debt free

The waterfall approach shows suitable debt relief options at different financial situations.

When your financial health is stable, you can repay bills through budgeting. Otherwise, you can choose debt management or settlement option. But do remember that bankruptcy is your last option.

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How OVLG helps you navigate the debt relief process

Waterfall approach to debt free

Waterfall approach to debt free

The waterfall approach shows suitable debt relief options at different financial situations.

When your financial health is stable, you can repay bills through budgeting. Otherwise, you can choose debt management or settlement option. But do remember that bankruptcy is your last option.

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