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A letter from our Principal Attorney

My name is Lyle David Solomon. I’m an attorney who’s worked with law firms in California, Nevada and Arizona since about 1991. My practice is primarily here in California, where I am licensed by the state bar.

As the principal attorney at Oak View Law Group, my primary function is to establish and review programs that help our clients resolve their debt problems. And Oak View Law Group has several such programs. Our bankruptcy marketplace features a directory of attorneys nationwide, so anyone, anywhere in the country can find an attorney near them ready to help them solve their debt problems at an affordable price.

In other words, Oak View Law Group is a debt relief company, but it’s so much more. We are a resource where people can find expert help from a well regarded, experienced attorney near them.

I hope you’ll explore our website and see how Oak View Law Group can help you with your debt relief needs.

Lyle David Solomon

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Waterfall approach to debt free

A Unique Approach to Becoming Debt Free

Find the debt relief that works for you with the Waterfall approach.

Quickly learn which debt programs are best for your situation using the Waterfall approach to debt free.

Learn about Waterfall approach

Consumer Law Practice Areas

Our experts in 18 consumer law practice areas can help you win your legal battles.

Make repayment easy with just one monthly payment you can afford

Lower your interest rates and free up cash to make reduced monthly payments on your debt.

Get out of debt with one lump sum payment to save money on late fees, fines, interest, and the total amount you owe.

Become debt free in three to five years, without losing your assets.

Become debt free in 3 to 4 months while keeping some of your assets.

Pay off your debt with smart budgeting and a bill consolidation.

Get expert guidance on the right corporate structure for your business: C Corp, S Corp, or an LLC.

Give your family peace of mind by deciding how your assets will be distributed after you’re gone.

Protect your assets and make sure they benefit your loved ones with a trust - and a trustee you can trust to manage it.

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