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Reporting Collection scam

What to do if you think you’re being scammed.

Oak View Law Group is not involved in any debt collection practices, and will never call you for the purposes of collecting a debt.

If someone calls you, tells you they’re from Oak View Law Group, and tries to collect money, it’s not us. They are trying to scam you.

Here’s what you should do.

  • Hang up.
  • Take down the phone number that called.
  • Email that number to with a note of what the scammer said to you.

If you do that, we may be able to take action against the scammer to protect you and others.

Report Fraud

If you feel that money has been wrongfully collected from you through a scam, here’s what you need to do:

  1. If it happened online, contact the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center.
    If the scammers claimed they were involved with Oak View Law Group in any way, give them case ID I1511061624148681.
  2. If you believe your personal financial information may have been jeopardized, contact your banking institution right away.
  3. If a scammer tried to collect money from you while posing as Oak View Law Group, contact these law enforcement offices; OVLG is already working with them, and your information may help the ongoing investigations:

1. FBI Office in San Francisco

Ask to speak to a DD agent and tell them you are reporting on the TB Spectra Space check fraud case.


2. Police Department, City of Linden, New Jersey

Tell them that you are reporting on the TB Spectra space case.

3. Palo Alto Police Department

Ask for Detective Juan Green. Tell him that you are reporting on incident number 10-086-0135.

Oak View was able to get the scammer sites shut down and the owners' identities after legal maneuvering.
AG's office responds favorably to Oak View's complaint, advises it can't personally represent Oak View, but will use evidence provided to take appropriate action.
OVLG has taken the necessary steps to safeguard our customers and their personal financial information, and reported known fraud attempts to the FBI and other law enforcement agencies. Our attorneys have requested the assistance of the FBI and the California Attorney General’s E-Crimes Unit to investigate and build a criminal case against the perpetrators.
We were able to get scammer sites shut down and reveal the owners’ identities after legal maneuvering. The California Attorney General’s office responded favorably to Oak View’s complaint, and has indicated that they will use the evidence gathered to take appropriate action.

Recent Findings

Urgent notice - Mark Goodman is not associated with OVLG. He is a scammer.

OVLG has received more than 75 phone calls and emails from consumers regarding a fraud attempt. This perpetrator has threatened consumers with severe legal consequences if they don’t make immediate payment to OVLG. He has even sent fake case file numbers and loan account numbers to scare consumers.

If you have received such a phone call or email, do not respond to them. Do, however, forward those communications to our office. This perpetrator is not affiliated with Oak View Law Group in any way. Here are some sample threat Mark Goodman sent to consumers.

Steps we have taken
  • We have asked the San Francisco FBI office to shut down this new scam attempt to protect consumers.
  • We have informed local police jurisdictions of Citrus Heights and Los Altos about this matter for investigation.

Magic Jack Scammer

We have also found that a scam company representing themselves as Oak View Law Firm. They have tried to collect on payday loans, or advance pay loans. They are not affiliated with Oak View Law Group, and are in fact not even located in the United States. They just use a Magic Jack phone line connection, making it nearly impossible to trace their calls.

We received several complaints from citizens and consumers who were being harassed with calls from this group. Here are few examples:

Fake names known to be used by scammers:

Mark Robinson, David Jones, Jay Harris, Sena Stifler, Michelle Williams, Mary Smith, Richard Clark. Jim Anderson, Cliff Anderson, Roni Cooper, Reilly, Kelvin Smith, Jim Carter, Stan Lee, Christopher Watkins, Marsh Robin, Phillip Otto, Alex Cruz

Known numbers used by scammers:

  • 925-331-6002
  • 201-806-1209
  • 201-806-1709
  • 347-390-0587
  • 347-756-5008
  • 415-236-1921
  • 484-361-4801
  • 508-202-7204
  • 508-296-8798
  • 508-438-9824
  • 508-521-9942
  • 617-531-2607
  • 718-690-9021
  • 757-474-9535
  • 760-457-2203
  • 909-259-0004
  • 909-565-4286
  • 951-489-0223
  • 415-237-3137
  • 912-642-9390
  • 525-121-9421
  • 202-325-4194
  • 954-214-9421
  • 916-287-3815
  • 202-239-6225

Last Updated on: Tue, 4 May 2021