Falling into debt due to the high costs of medical care is very common. An unexpected medical emergency might crop up anytime. Lack of medical insurance and the high cost of medical care also significantly add to these debts.

If you are in a similar plight, with huge medical bills taking a toll on your finances, then do not worry. Some ways can help you tackle your hefty medical bills successfully.

How to pay off medical bills fast

  • Review every bill you receive:

    Medical bills often contain errors, which can sometimes be significant. You can be overcharged, for treatments you received or even charged for those you did not receive. If you spot any discrepancy, immediately contact the hospital or medical facility and get your doubts clarified. Also, negotiate medical bills with health care service providers. Often negotiation can save you at least $100.
  • Contact your health insurance company:

    Check your insurance plan and contact your insurance company to verify the portions of the medical bill that your insurance should cover. Your insurance company will determine if you are wrongly charged for procedures, medications, or if the bill was submitted too late for payment. Sometimes you may need to "push" the company to obtain help with medical bill payment.
  • Express your need for bill settlement:

    Some hospitals will forgive a considerable portion of your medical debt if you express your need for help with paying the bill. You must contact the hospital authority as early as possible so that things do not get out of hand, and you can explain your financial hardship convincingly to get your appeal approved. The hospital authority will always take your financial condition into account when figuring how much they’re willing to forgive.
  • Contact your healthcare providers:

    If you need serious help with paying medical bills, you can also contact the hospital and learn about the payment plans they offer. Almost all doctor's organizations and hospitals will work with you in setting up a payment plan to suit your needs. These plans usually require you to pay a minimal monthly payment with very little, or no interest. Do not hesitate to inquire about such options. Every hospital has a billing accountant with whom you can discuss your bill.
  • Look for free or low-cost health care for your kids:

    Every state offers assistance programs that provide low priced or free health coverage for children, infants, and teens whose families fall below a certain income level. You can avail yourself of such assistance and get your bill lowered.
  • Go for free or discounted prescription drugs:

    There are countless ways to get your prescription costs reduced. Many local governments provide free discount cards that can help you save up to 50% on generic drugs. Low priced generic drugs can be a great substitute for expensive branded drugs. There are also assistance programs that offer free medication.

If you’re unable to tame your medical debt on your own, then it’s better you get professional help from OVLG and settle your medical debts as per your convenience.

How to settle medical debt

You can either settle a medical debt on your own or you can leave the dirty work for OVLG. If you want to settle medical bills on your own, then make sure you have the following skills:

  • 1 You have excellent negotiation skills
  • 2 You know all the debt settlement laws
  • 3 You’re good at documentation
  • 3 You’re good at crunching numbers
  • 3 You’re a patient person and have a calm mind
  • 3 You have adequate knowledge of the debt validation process

If you don’t have these skills, then it’s better to get help from OVLG and settle your medical debt fast. At OVLG, you’ll get experienced attorneys who know medical debt laws, debt collection laws, and debt settlement laws by heart. They know how to negotiate with collection agencies, settle your medical bills, and save money. In fact, they can tell you how to fight a lawsuit with no money or how much do collection agencies pay for medical debt.

The best part of working with attorneys is that they can help in settling a debt after receiving the summons. They can help to settle medical debt out of the court and save money.

Check out the 5 stages of the OVLG debt settlement process.

What are your options when you can't settle medical bills?

There is no need to lose your heart if the hospital is not ready for a medical bill settlement. There are other alternative options to get help with medical bills. You can opt for the medical bill consolidation program to pay off your hospital bills. Sometimes, hospitals don’t agree to settle medical bills simply because they would get less money. However, when you enroll in a medical debt consolidation program, you can get help paying medical bills in full at a low-interest rate. So, it doesn’t put additional pressure on your budget.

In a medical bill consolidation program, you can make affordable single monthly payments on your bills. This helps you to save money on your medical bills. The hospital is also happy to receive the full amount. So, both of you benefit from this arrangement.

What is the best way to pay medical bills?

There are 4 ways to pay medical bills.

  1. 1 First, you can pay your medical bills in full.
  2. 2 Second, you can settle medical bills.
  3. 3 Third, you can consolidate your bills
  4. 4 Fourth, you can file bankruptcy to get rid of your bills.

The best way to pay medical bills is to settle them with the help of an attorney. It will help you to get medical debt help without getting into any legal trouble. Moreover, you can save money on your medical bills.

Should you consult a medical bill lawyer?

When you need help with medical bills, it is best to consult a medical bill lawyer for varied reasons. Some of them are given below:

  1. 1 Medical bill lawyers know how the hospital industry works. They know whom to contact and what should be told exactly to get rid of medical debt.
  2. 2 They have good oratory skills. So, they are good at negotiating medical bills. They can handle medical bill collections like a pro.
  3. 3 They know the hospital bill debt collection laws and processes. So, when you need help paying medical bills in collections, you’re less likely to get scammed. No one can dupe you.
  4. 4 When you opt for debt consolidation for medical bills, lawyers can guide you through the entire process. They can also provide you with extensive guidance when it comes to settling medical debt.
  5. 5 Medical bill lawyers can help to settle judgments too. Many times courts issue judgments when hospitals sue people with outstanding bills. People are left with medical liens, and they don’t know what to do. Lawyers can help in this matter. They can inform the hospital authority about the financial hardship of their clients, and help to settle judgments for much less than what they owe.
  6. 6 Lawyers can help with medical bills for low-income group people. Millions of people struggle with medical bills every year. Lawyers can help to reduce medical bills in various ways and also protect them from abuse.
  7. 7 When medical bills are too high, sometimes insurance companies create a lot of problems. They refuse to pay the bills. Lawyers can use their professional medical bill negotiation skills to make them clear all the dues.

How to find medical bill lawyers near me

Paying off medical bills becomes easier when you have a lawyer beside you. He can help you pay medical bill debt, navigate complex legal issues, and save money simultaneously. The easiest way to find medical bill lawyers near you is to call the toll-free number 800-530-OVLG and know about your options. The other option is to explore our attorney hub. You can get a list of attorneys available near you.

Frequently asked questions on medical bills

Well, several things can happen when a medical bill goes to collections. For example, the collection agency can report the debt to credit bureaus, which can hurt your credit. They can make collection calls between 9 am and 8 pm to ask you for repayments. If you still don’t cooperate with them, then they can even file a lawsuit against you in the county where the medical debt was incurred.

Can medical bills go to collections? If yes, then how long before medical bills go to collections?

Usually, hospitals send medical bills to collections when you don’t pay them for 6 months or more than that period. When hospitals see that you have no intention of paying medical bills, they assign or sell the accounts to collection agencies. Remember, once your medical bills are assigned to a collection agency, the debt will hurt your credit score.

Hospitals can assign your accounts or sell your accounts to collection agencies without notice. That is perfectly legal. Once the accounts are assigned or sold, the collection agency can send out letters or call you. Sometimes, one collection agency sells the account to another collection agency but doesn’t notify you since they deal with a huge volume of accounts. The new collection agency will notify you about the debt.

Hospitals can garnish your wages for medical bills when they have received a judgment against you. But they have to put in the effort to get a judgment against you. They have to file a lawsuit against you for non- repayment of medical bills and win the case. Only if you fail to defend yourself and the hospital obtains a judgment, then they can garnish your paycheck.

Last Updated on: Tue, 25 May 2021