California debt consolidation: Best solution for unresolved debts

Debt consolidation in California helps you revamp your ruined financial house by paying off what you owe with an affordable monthly payment. This California debt relief option is extremely good since it gives you the option to make only one payment for multiple bills.

How much can you save?
Monthly payment you can afford

Types of debts OVLG manages

California debt consolidation gives you the option to pay off only the unsecured debts and these are:

Types of debts OVLG manages

California debt consolidation gives you the option to pay off only the unsecured debts and these are:

How to consolidate debts in California

Consolidation program Debt consolidation loan Debt consolidation non-profit
How it works It replace multiple monthly payments with one It dissolves your present loans and leaves you with only one It works like normal consolidation program
What about fees As per the industry standard - It charges nominal fees
How long you need to pay Between 2-5 years Depends. Can even take 20 years Between 2 -5 years
What about credit score It won’t hurt your score It will hurt if you can’t pay off loan It won’t hurt

What we can say about these 3 California debt relief options.

Debt consolidations program in California - Best as it doesn’t bring fresh liabilities.
Debt consolidation loans in California - Bad as you can lose properties.
Non-profit debt consolidation in California - Good if you can select the right company.

California debt consolidation - Pros and cons


  • It lowers monthly bill amount
  • It lowers interest rates
  • It reduces the number of creditors gradually
  • It simplifies the bill payment process
  • It helps you avoid getting delinquent on debts


  • You may pay more if the repayment term is too long
  • You may lose the roof above your head
  • You’ve to stop making impulse purchases

Credit card debt settlement

How OVLG beats other debt consolidation companies in CA

OVLG ranks amongst the best debt consolidation companies in California. In fact it beats other companies because of the following factors:

debt consolidation california
Mon Sep, 2018 Review: BM1 saved $33794.96
Client satisfaction level:

Tricks to avoid debt consolidation scams in CA

  • Don’t pay any upfront fee
  • Check if creditors have accepted payment plan
  • Go through the reviews posted online
  • Read the fine print of the agreement
  • Check if creditors are receiving payments

4 Other California debt help programs


California debt negotiation:

This option helps to cut down the principal amount and disburse a lump sum payment to creditors.


California debt management:

This option helps to cut down interest and disburse payments amongst creditors.


California bankruptcy:

This option helps you pay off debts by liquidating your non-exempt assets.


California credit counseling:

This option helps you pay off your unpaid bills through smartly chalked out money management plans.

California debt consolidation FAQ

Q) Can you opt for debt consolidation in South California?

A) You can opt for debt consolidation in both North and South California. OVLG offers services in these places too. So, if you live in these places and are really interested to consolidate debts here, then feel free to contact us. We will try our best to help you.

Q) Do you need to have a fair idea about California debt collection laws?

A) It is better if you acquire knowledge about California debt collection laws since it will be easier for you to make a decision regarding debt payments. You can prioritize your debts and decide which ones need to be included into the program.

Q) Is debt consolidation better than settlement in California?

A) Consolidation is slightly better than settlement as it doesn’t harm your credit score. But settlement will hurt your credit score little but. But settlement is better than consolidation when you want to save on principal amount.

Q) Is debt consolidation better than bankruptcy in California?

A) There is no doubt that consolidation is better than bankruptcy since the latter will reduce your chances to qualify for mortgage as it drops your credit score by more than 200 points. Besides, it will make your credit report look dirty. But consolidation

Q) Will debt consolidation help to avoid lawsuits in California?

A) Once you start paying back creditors, they’ll feel less irritated and give up their plans to sue you.

Q) How can you safeguard credit score after consolidation?

A) Do whatever you can to make creditors mark “paid in full” status on your credit report. This will help to protect your score.

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