OVLG's transparency disclosure

1. What is the cost of the program?

OVLG charges 15 percent of the total debt amount enrolled in the debt settlement program as its success fee. For programs where our savings and budgeting experts provide monthly financial consultations we charge a $50 monthly consultancy fee.

Consultancy fees are applied towards the success fee at the time the success fee becomes payable, which means that in many cases the consultancy fees become free.

2. What are OVLG's debt settlement program terms and conditions?

OVLG's terms and conditions are available to everyone who wants to see them, any time they want to see them. Just click here here.

3. What percentage of OVLG clients settle at least some of their debt?

OVLG has settled at least one account for 72.7% of its clients. Credit for such an exceptional performance goes to our client relationship managers and our client's motivation to set aside funds in the trust account so that their efforts can be successful.

4. What percentage of clients drop out of the debt settlement program before completion?

To date, OVLG has experienced a 24.57% drop out rate.

5. What is the average length of time in the program for those who complete it?

The length of the program is dependent on factors like the amount owed, the client's ability to make monthly payments, and their ability to set aside extra funds for use with a settlement offer. With that in mind, on average OVLG clients complete the program in 21 months.

6. What is OVLG's average settlement amount?

OVLG works hard to improve every single day. As a result, our outcomes improve as well. On average, OVLG settles accounts for 41.23% of the amount owed, thereby saving its clients 58.77%.

Interested in more details? Visit our success stories and case studies page to look at individual victories.

7. What is OVLG's Customer satisfaction rate?

Collecting feedback about client experience means a lot to us. We continuously collect feedback from our clients so that we do not miss a single chance to improve our services. That’s why we’re successful at maintaining an 84% satisfaction rate.

Visit our survey page to see the data on customer satisfaction. You can also get a handle on what people are saying on our reviews page.

8. What percentage of clients' accounts experience legal activity for a debt that was included in the program?

Less than 8% of our clients have ever faced any legal activity such as litigation or wage garnishment that involved accounts we managed.

9. Do clients continue to get collection calls while in the program?

Some do. It is important to understand that debt collectors use collection calls to prod clients into making payments. That’s why clients may receive such calls, particularly at the beginning of the program.

In order to reduce or eliminate these calls, OVLG follows strategies that make them unnecessary, such as promptly following up on our client’s behalf, and negotiation with the creditors.

At the same time, OVLG educates its clients on the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) thereby teaching them their rights under the act’s provisions.

10. Why do clients leave the program before they finish it?

Clients leave the program for various reasons, including inability to make monthly payments (11.57%), their desire to file bankruptcy even at the cost of their credit scores (4.83%), arranging funds from kith and kin to pay off their creditors (2.76%) and other reasons they don’t specify (5.41%).

Last Updated on: Thu, 29 Apr 2021

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