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Client TE1 from NV saved $1,855

Client Situation

Debt Enrolled: $15,975
Creditor Enrolled: 10
Debt Processed: $8,934
Debt Settled: $6,460
Total Saved: $1,855
Enrollment Date: 28 Dec, 2015
Type of Debt: Store Front Payday Loan, Credit Card
Financial Coach:
Client Relationship:

Details of few savings:

How OVLG handled the situation?

te1 enrolled in the program with a debt amount of more than $11k in December 2015. She had some Payday Loans and some Credit Card debts. TE spoke with Van Cliburn, one of the Financial Coach at OVLG, and explained her financial crisis. After carefully studying the case, Van offered her Debt Settlement services and explained her the effects it can have on her credit report and how it can help her get out of debt fast. TE was impressed with the way program works and decided to enroll herself. Harry Miller was assigned as the case manager for TE to help her get out of debt by negotiating with her creditors.

Harry has successfully negotiated with her creditors and already got 4 accounts settled with Check City, Security Finance, Kohls and Capital one Bank. TE is very happy with OVLG and with the services she has been receiving so far and is sharing the same in this video.

Video Transcription

Hi this video is for Harry Miller and I wanted to say my name is te1. I have really appreciated how hard he has worked for me on the taking care of my bills and the only reason I stopped the account is because I got married and my husband wanted to pay my account off for me. but because he hadn't already been working with Harry he was nervous about sending $8,000 to someone that he had never met and he wanted me because these bills that Harry was taking for a team Care for me weren't here in Vegas my husband wanted me to just go to the places and paid them off and have the receipts so I could send to the credit bureau immediately so I could try to get my credit fixed. so I really would highly recommend Harry if he if anybody else or if I ever get in a situation again or my kids or anybody I would recommend your firm 100%. he did a wonderful job he always got back with me immediately and the settlements he did work out for me were very good. so thank you for your service to your whole company and if I need you again or him I will let you know.

  1. * We have changed clients' names to protect their privacy.

  2. The aforementioned are only a few examples of the various cases we deal with. After deducting the settlement fees, these show how much we saved from each creditor.

  3. Please note that the settled amount is neither consistent nor predictable, and it depends on the creditors.

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