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Client SP from CA saved $6,463

Client Situation

Debt Enrolled: $13,643
Creditor Enrolled: 6
Debt Processed: $15,207
Debt Settled: $6,589
Total Saved: $6,463
Enrollment Date: 28 Nov, 2012
Type of Debt: Credit Card
Financial Coach:
Client Relationship:

Details of few savings:

How OVLG handled the situation?

SP was in difficult situation with her finances due to the recent recession of US. She tried everything to reply her debt but due to cutoff of working hours, she failed to take care of her credit card debts. SP tried to look for options to get rid of her debts and one of her friend referred her to Oak View Law Group.

She spoke with Shane Rogers, once of the most experienced Financial Coach of OVLG who explained her the entire process and given her the options to choose from. SP decided to sign up with OVLG for Debt Consolidation. Initially, she added 6 credit card bills with an outstanding debt amount of $15,207.

Once the sign up process completed, her file got transferred to Harry Miller. Harry started working with her creditors from the very first month and gradually, settled all her accounts and made her debt free. SP has saved $8,376 from this program as Harry settled all her accounts in very good percentage.

SP has also decided to refer OVLG to all her friends who ever is in same situation.

Video Transcription

Hi my name is SP. I was with oak view law group for just shy of three years I believe when the market took a crash and i believe it was twenty ten or 2009. I went from working 40 plus hours a week to working about 15. I lived off of my seven credit cards and accrued quite a bit of debt. Finally when I got to the point that I was unable to really even make the minimum payments because it wasn't even touching the debt that I had. I had found oak view law group through a friend. I called them they made the process very easy for me. I was updated through email I could call whenever I needed to and now today I can say that I am debt free and it feels amazing. I would highly recommend this service, there's two different options that you can do for what I had to go through but I'm very happy i would highly recommend them and it just feels so good to be debt free finally.

  1. * We have changed clients' names to protect their privacy.

  2. The aforementioned are only a few examples of the various cases we deal with. After deducting the settlement fees, these show how much we saved from each creditor.

  3. Please note that the settled amount is neither consistent nor predictable, and it depends on the creditors.

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