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Client LT from IL saved $7,149

Client Situation

Debt Enrolled: $9,068
Creditor Enrolled: 8
Debt Processed: $15,817
Debt Settled: $6,285
Total Saved: $7,149
Enrollment Date: 18 Jan, 2012
Type of Debt: Personal Unsecured Line of Credit, Credit Card, , Online Payday Loan
Financial Coach:
Client Relationship:

Details of few savings

How OVLG handled the situation?

LT enrolled in the program with a debt amount of more than $9,000. Stephen Roberts, the Financial Coach assisted her and explained about the pros and cons of debt settlement. After getting proper knowledge, LT decided to enroll in the program. Her case was assigned to Priscilla Robinson.

Within 1 month of her first payment, Priscilla offered her with the first settlement offer. OVLG helped LT to get a suitable payment arrangement as per her trust account balance and future payments.

LT is very satisfied with the customer service she receives from OVLG, both over the phone and via email. As per LT, she is being made to feel very special every time she approaches OVLG and this differentiates OVLG from rest of the companies.

Liza Torres, a client of Oak View Law Group has reviewed the service and sent a video testimonial.

Video Transcription

I um my name is LT and I have been dealing with Priscilla Robinson for about over a year now and she's been wonderful, understanding, caring, hard worker... um somebody I almost feel like I could trust... um she's been there for me a number of times in helping me to get my life back in order, but I kind of lost my way. So that in itself is amazing. She's always sweet, on the phone, very kind um via email. We've had some very lovely exchanges. She's very accommodating. I think I said that already. I think she's a jem of your company and I hope that you recognize that as much as anybody who has dealt with her has recognized it, because in this world it's kind of hard to find that. I sadly come across a lot of customer service and I deal with a lot and people really have lost empathy in this world and she has so much of it. So um it's a joy I do hope you know that, Thank you

  1. * We have changed clients' names to protect their privacy.

  2. The aforementioned are only a few examples of the various cases we deal with. After deducting the settlement fees, these show how much we saved from each creditor.

  3. Please note that the settled amount is neither consistent nor predictable, and it depends on the creditors.

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