Client JK1 from WA saved $3,042.62

Client Situation

Debt Enrolled: $7,416.27
Creditor Enrolled: 14
Debt Processed: $8,187.34
Debt Settled: $4,607.79
Total Saved: $3,042.62
Enrollment Date: 05 Oct, 2016
Type of Debt: Credit Card, Accounts in Collection
Financial Coach:
Client Relationship:
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Details of few savings

Saved $199.68 with HSBC

How OVLG handled the situation?

JK1 decided to join OVLGs debt settlement program after considering various options. He was convinced that OVLG is the right option for him.

JK1's faith in OVLG has been justified as within a short span we have managed to pay off his creditors.

We are thankful to JK1 for entrusting his faith on us and we wish him a debt free life ahead!

Video Transcription

I'm JK1, I'm a client of oakview law group debt consulting and settlement program, very happy with what they've done for us. They allowed us to get a little breathing room while we got our debt under control, kept the collectors from hassling us unlike other debt consolidation outfits that I had had to use in the past. Oakview is very effective at that, our manager Kevin Anderson always conducted himself with the utmost professionalism and worked very hard on our behalf for which we were very grateful. I certainly wouldn't hesitate to recommend their services to friends.

* 1. Client names have been changed to protect privacy.
2. Out of the many cases we handle, the above are few sample instances only. These depict how much we have saved from each creditor after deducting the settlement fees.
3. Please note that the negotiation amount is neither constant nor predictable. It depends on the creditors completely.
4. Out of the total 18466 clients managed by OVLG till date, cases of 820 clients aren't complete yet. 13167 clients have dropped out of the program. We're working with 2379 clients currently. We have also helped 2100 clients successfully.
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