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Client JB1 from OK saved $864

Client Situation

Debt Enrolled: $16,111
Creditor Enrolled: 21
Debt Processed: $12,337
Debt Settled: $11,185
Total Saved: $864
Enrollment Date: 02 Mar, 2014
Type of Debt: Store Front Payday Loan
Financial Coach:
Client Relationship:

Details of few savings:

How OVLG handled the situation?

JB1 accidentally got into too many loans and was unable to pay back his creditors. It was his first time dealing with huge amount of loans and he financially messed up paying them. Unable to deal with his loans JB1 sought the help of OVLG. Van Cliburn made JB1 understand about the debt settlement program and how it will help him get out of these debts. So, the next thing, JB1 enrolled in this program in March 2014 without any further thoughts. His case was assigned to Tracy Nelson and she has already settled 80% of his accounts and hopefully very soon JB1 will be complete the program.

Video Transcription

  1. * We have changed clients' names to protect their privacy.

  2. The aforementioned are only a few examples of the various cases we deal with. After deducting the settlement fees, these show how much we saved from each creditor.

  3. Please note that the settled amount is neither consistent nor predictable, and it depends on the creditors.

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