Client Situation

Debt Enrolled: $11800.00
Creditor Enrolled: 5
Debt Processed: $15449.28
Debt Settled: $7444.28
Total Saved: $6003.75
Enrollment Date: 11 Oct, 2012
Type of Debt: Online Payday Loan
Financial Coach:
Client Relationship:
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Details of few savings

Saved $489.93 with Quick Click Loans

How OVLG handled the situation?

AB contacted Oak View Law Group in October 2012 to get rid of her Payday loan debts. She enrolled in the program after getting a brief idea from her financial coach Robin Nelson and added five creditors to her account for settlement. Her file was assigned to Roger Sampson. Roger started the negotiations as soon as AB made her first payment. AB got her first settlement in December 2012 with a savings of 65% following with another settlement in January 2013 with a saving of 65% again. AB started the program with 5 creditors and 2 of her creditors have already been settled in three months time. She is very happy with the services and is glad to have taken the decision to join OVLG.

Video Transcription

My name is _____________ and I am doing a testimony for Oak View Law Group. I have been experiencing extensive debt and having trouble with repaying creditors and So I decided to contact Oak View Law Group to represent me in debt consolidation management program to help get myself out of debt and to payback creditors in a fairly timely manner. I feel like the weight has been lifted off my shoulders before I was stressing and trying to handle my problems on my own and so, you know rather than let my credit suffer or allow any loan to be bought. I decided that it was time to get some help and so Roger Sampson, Robin Nelson and Priscilla and all those people who assisted me in rolling in to the program making sure that they explain the program to me that I understood how the program's there to help me and what my responsibilities were to participate in the program and to fully complete the program of 21 months or less and so I just you know would really like to thank Oak View Law Group for patient and listen to me with an open ear and making the best decision for me to regain my credit worthiness with my creditors and so again rather than stress and rather than allow yourself to sink deeper and deeper and deeper, Oak View Law Group is a life line to recovery and so I would recommend that you contact Oak View Law Group and find out what program will work best for you and just to know that there is light at the end of the tunnel, so if you are struggling, if you are having difficulties you don't have to go do it alone there are people out there to help you to get yourself back on track and so it's just a matter of taking that first step and allowing Oak View to help you to provide the best service to you and make sure that you are being clearly represented and making sure creditors are fairly being tough as they were and in the end we'll fiddle out better, I know I would. So again I would Like to thank Oak View Law Group for your assistance and you know I am not trying to get out of pain you know my debts to my creditors I just want to make sure that you know I am not being overwhelmed and I don't have to struggle with and worry about whether or not I will be able to make those payments. So Oak View has been there to negotiate, make sure that the creditors are being repaid you know I believe in second chances and I think Oak view has given me a second chance to pay my debts clear my debts and rebuild my credit and hopefully maintain credit worthiness. So again I like to thank Roger Sampson, Priscilla and all those good people there at Oak View Law Group. You have been a life saver thank you.

* 1. Client names have been changed to protect privacy.
2. Out of the many cases we handle, the above are few sample instances only. These depict how much we have saved from each creditor after deducting the settlement fees.
3. Please note that the negotiation amount is neither constant nor predictable. It depends on the creditors completely.
4. Out of the total 18466 clients managed by OVLG till date, cases of 820 clients aren't complete yet. 13167 clients have dropped out of the program. We're working with 2379 clients currently. We have also helped 2100 clients successfully.
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