Are you struggling with debts? Are you wondering if it will be good to hire an attorney to settle your debts? If so, then don’t hesitate anymore because there are several benefits of working with a debt settlement attorney. Wondering what those reasons are? Here are a few of them.

1. Can show you the right path

Attorneys can tell you about your options. They can tell you if you should get out of financial trouble through debt settlement or bankruptcy. For instance, if attorneys find that most of your debts are secured debts, then they would advise you to go for bankruptcy. Secured debts such as mortgage can be settled with lenders. Likewise, if your debts comprise of mainly unsecured debts such as credit cards, then they might recommend you to go for debt negotiation.

2. They know the laws

Attorneys are well aware of both the debt settlement and debt collection laws. They know what are your rights and can tell you what creditors might do to you. If debt collectors violate the laws, then they can tell you the remedies. This means you can find out what actions can be taken against collectors. They can help you slap debt collectors with a lawsuit and win the case. They can give you the best advice when any problem arises during debt negotiation.

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3. They know the game

An attorney knows how the debt industry works. They know which creditors are easy and difficult to settle with. They can give you a basic idea on how much creditors may agree to reduce. However, since most creditors prefer to negotiate on a case-by-case basis, so it won’t be possible for attorneys to tell you the exact amount you can save.

4. They save your time and money

Agreed. You have to pay a fee to the attorney for settling your debts. But, do you realize how much you can save on your debts? Attorneys will negotiate hard with creditors/collectors and try to strike a deal wherein you’ve to pay less than the outstanding balance. They will try to bring down your outstanding balance as much as possible, which means you can save a lot of money.

They will do all the negotiations. You don’t have to spend time on it. They’ll prepare all the documents. They will deal with the collection calls on your behalf. You won’t have to devote time to them.

5. Help you defend a lawsuit

Don’t ever think that your creditors will agree to negotiate with you and settle debts. They might instead decide to sue you. In this case, an attorney can help you deal with the lawsuit. The attorney can check the statute of limitations (SOL) period in your state and find out if it is over. If the SOL period in your state has expired, then the attorney can inform the judge that the debt is time-barred. You’re not required to pay off debts.

If the SOL period is not yet over, then the attorney may try to strike out a settlement deal out of court. If this also fails, then the attorney will try to defend you and fight with the plaintiff. He/she can tell you what steps should be taken to deal with the situation.

Are you in debt? Do you want to settle your debts? If so, then call us at (800)-530-OVLG to get help immediately. Are you looking for an attorney for getting legal solutions? If so, then we can help you. Just explore our attorney hub section. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

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