5 Ways lawyers did good for people during the pandemic

We are in the second half of 2020, but the pandemic is still in its hyper-active mode. No one knows when this pandemic will have mercy on people, and leave this world. COVID-10 has created an unprecedented time in the history of mankind. People are losing lives and livelihoods every day. They are trying hard to fit into the ‘new normal’ situation where everything is said and done online. Lawyers are no exception.

Gone are the days when lawyers used to go to law firms or courts every day. Their life was all about courts and meeting clients in the law firms. However, that situation has completely changed in the last 3-4 months. Now, they are also working from home, handling both domestic and international clients online and over the phone.

In the last few months, the demand for lawyers has increased a lot. The new normal situation triggered by the Coronavirus pandemic has led to unchartered legal territories. After medical professionals, if there is anyone who has given tremendous support to the fellow countrymen, it is the lawyers. They have worked both in the front-end and back-end to provide the much-needed support to people.

How lawyers helped people during the pandemic

Here are 5 ways lawyers/attorneys have helped the fellow countrymen during the pandemic. It is time we appreciate and acknowledge their efforts and contribution toward the country.

1. Handling the corporates:

The government has issued the stay-at-home order in various states. This order has brought to a series of issues for the employers. For instance, how will they manage their work? What should they do if anyone working in the office becomes COVID positive? What are the protocols that companies should follow for the workers working remotely? Should they give overtime to the employees working from home? Should they provide accommodation to people who can't go back home? What are the ways to protect both employees and employers during the pandemic? What are the rights of the employees during the pandemic?.

In some states, the government is urging companies to reopen once again. But, even in those states, employers have to follow various protocols and rules. These factors have brought a fresh set of questions and challenges for employers..

There are too many questions and a long list of answers. Lawyers have all the correct answers. They are helping employers to act as per the guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the federal Family and Medical Leave Act when it comes to dealing with employees suffering from CoronaVirus.

Lawyers handling corporates are also facing a tough time. They are guiding employers throughout the day. They are guiding employers to create a plan for running the business amidst the coronavirus pandemic. For instance, developing rules and regulations for people working at home, creating a plan to keep the company running smoothly even if it is closed temporarily, creating a safe environment in the workplace with proper sanitization process, etc.

2. Tackling debt issues:

The demand for lawyers during pandemic is immense amongst the debtors. With meager income, debtors are finding it tough to pay their credit card bills, payday loans, personal loans, student loans, etc. Both the federal and state governments have introduced special relief programs for the debtors. Unfortunately, many debtors are not aware of these special laws or relief programs. Debt attorneys have educated their clients about these laws to navigate debt issues smoothly.

Several debtors have pending lawsuits against them. Some courts are closed, whereas others are operating online. Debtors are completely in an uncharted area. The legal paperwork is complicated. Moreover, debtors have to do everything online. They have to submit papers and attend court hearings online or over the phone. This has made matters worse. Debtors are clueless about what to do.

Thanks to the debt attorneys, debtors can deal with the complicated legal issues without any problem. Attorneys are over the phone 24*7, and that is great. They are giving legal advice to debtors. Most importantly, they are helping debtors to settle their debts out of court. Everything is said and done over the phone. That’s an immense help during the pandemic.

Even though some creditors are offering forbearance programs, many debtors want to get rid of debts as fast as they can. This is because forbearance programs don’t imply complete eradication of debts. It only means that people can pay off debts after a certain period. But, when people settle debts, they can get rid of their obligations completely. Their debts are eliminated completely. In the last few months, debt attorneys have given this assistance to debtors during the pandemic. They have helped people to settle their debts online and attain financial independence.

If you’re facing financial difficulties and can’t pay back creditors, then contact an attorney dealing with debt issues soon. It will help you to get out of this problem.

3. Tackling divorce cases:

The CoronaVirus pandemic has to lead to an increase in the divorce rates. As many families are stuck at home due to social distancing for a long period, couples are finding it tough to stay together. Marital disputes have increased. Many couples are having heated arguments and looking for ways to get out of marriage. Lawyers have done an excellent job here. They have advised couples on divorce-related issues over the phone or online. They have suggested various ways to cope with each other during the lockdown period. And, they have also helped couples to file for divorce online. Lawyers are helping couples in dealing with marital issues to avoid bitter consequences. Indeed, they are providing immense support to the community.

4. Handling child support issues:

Children are not going to school. Parents are at home. People have to maintain social distancing also. Then how will the parents and children meet? How can the child support arrangements be made? These are pertinent questions. Lawyers can act as mediators and make the necessary arrangements. And, that’s what they have done during the pandemic.

5. Helping clients in estate planning:

The fear of death has gripped the nation ever since the outbreak of COVID-19. Many people are assuming that they will not be alive in 2020. So, they want to hire medical agents, make or update wills, do estate planning, and so on. Attorneys are providing every kind of assistance related to estate planning, appointing Power of Attorney, making wills, etc.


When there are rules, there are rule breakers also. The government has issued stay-at-home orders. They have asked to maintain certain rules to avoid getting infected by the CoronaVirus. However, not all people are abiding by the rules.

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