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When you ask a question ensure that other people can view and answer your question.


Try to categorize your question while asking it so that it is easier for others to find and answer it.

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Other people can answer your question within 4 days and you can extend as well as shorten this time frame.

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Once your question has been answered then wait for an hour to select the best answer.

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You can answer a question and share your information to solve problems of different people.


Check the category list to find questions relevant to the topics you know.


Make use of the search box to find questions as well as answers associated to specific words and phrases.

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Your answer to the question might be selected as the best answer, giving you some bonus points.

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You can browse and find your question that has been answered by people.

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Check the category list to find questions and answers on the topics of your interest.

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Few questions have been tagged with best answer, selected by the asker or by the voters.

Last Updated on: Fri, 05 Nov 2021

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