In order to maintain the decorum of the section and make it self-running, we've developed some simple guidelines for the participants. We hope all the participants adhere to these guidelines.

Things to remember while asking a question:

Make sure the questions are precise and clear. The types of questions you can ask are as follows:

  • 1. Questions related to consumer law (debt, credit, bankruptcy, creditors, collection agency etc.)
  • 2. Questions related to personal finance (budgeting, money management, taxes, etc.).
  • 3. Questions related to company formation and defamation protection.
  • 4. Questions related to wills and trusts.

Things to remember while answering to a question:

  • 1. Avoid using obscene and vulgar language.
  • 2. Incendiary, inflammable or controversial comments will be moderated.
  • 3. Insulting, provocative or prejudiced comments will be removed.
  • 4. Avoid forcing people to share their personal information.
  • 5. Avoid self-promotional activities for personal and financial gain.
  • 6. Avoid phrases like "thanks" or "same here" after answering a question.
  • 7. Commercial solicitations (links or banners) will be removed.


We'd appreciate any feedback. You can send your feedback or query for any issues related to OVLG Answers at contact [at] oakviewlaw [dot] com.


While we respect free speech, we also reserve the right to remove posts that do not adhere to these guidelines or significantly lower the user experience.

Last Updated on: Fri, 05 Nov 2021

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