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Clients come first

Client is always the first priority for Oak View Law Group. We strive to provide clients with best legal services in all stages of life. If you're in trouble, feel free to contact us. We will try our best to protect your rights, reputation and money.


Our mission is to help our clients attain freedom from financial problems and legal hassles. We provide our expertise to ensure that our clients have to pay least possible amount on debts. Plus, it’s our goal to provide the best solution to clients who are in legal trouble.

We wish to promote Waterfall approach to debt free method since it gives you the best option as per your current financial situation. There would be no confusion regarding which debt relief option would be the best or worst for you. Our ultimate goal is to help our clients re-establish financial stability and attain their rights quickly with minimum resources.

Law office

11899 Edgewood Road, Suite L4
Auburn, CA 95603-3536

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Our financial coaches/attorneys have been serving clients in the past 7 years. Till date, a large number of clients have expressed their satisfaction with our various services such as

  • Debt relief
  • Credit repair
  • Bankruptcy
  • Stay violation protection
  • Company formation
  • Defamation protection
  • Creation of wills

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Phone and Fax numbers

For clients: 800 530 OVLG (6854) (Toll free)
Fax Numbers: 800 637 OVLG (6854) (Toll free)

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OVLG honors the FTC rules and regulations. It offers disclosures, follows telemarketing rules and refrains from advance fees.

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Group email address

For any kind of service related issues or complaints, you can contact us at via emails. You'll get a reply within 24 hours.

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Our team of 39 members are providing constant help and support to clients for 13 years.

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More than 350 clients have shared their experience with OVLG. Watch the videos to know what clients have to say about OVLG.

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OVLG believes in confidentiality. We won't give your information to anybody outside the law firm, unless you give us the permission. Your security is our responsibility.

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Dissatisfied with our services? Drop your complaints at: complaints [at]

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Got any call from Oak View Law Group? If the the caller tries to collect money from you, then be rest assured that it is a scam. Contact us and we will take against scammers.

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No matter what happens, our clients always come first. If you're not satisfied with the results, then send a fax to 800-637-6854.

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On the basis of our survey results, more than 80% clients are satisfied after working with us.

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OVLG facts

  • Founded: 2007
  • Founder: Virendra Kalani
  • Registered: California State Bar Association
  • Member: California Chamber of Commerce
  • Law Office: 11899 Edgewood Road, Suite L4
    Auburn, CA 95603-3536

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