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General FAQs

  1. How do I maintain my call log?
  2. Why mails received by our office may take an extra week to get processed?
  3. Whom can I get legal advice from?
  4. Where are my trust funds maintained?
  5. What payment options does OVLG provide?
  6. Where is the OVLG call center located?
  7. What is the truth behind the anonymous allegations made against OVLG on the Internet?
  8. Who owns OVLG?
  9. I am not satisfied with OVLG services. What can I do?
  10. Do people in the Indian call center of OVLG use their real names?

1. How do I maintain my call log?

In order to maintain your call log, you need to log into your secured client area at https://www.ovlg.com/clients/login.php by entering your email address and password. As you log in, you will find a “Call log” option in the left menu. Click on the "Call log" option to check the old call log and also to make new entries in the Call log.

2. Why mails received by our office may take an extra week to get processed?

We receive loads of postal mails everyday at both locations. All the mails sent to our office are forwarded to the operations center. Here the mails are thoroughly scanned and thereafter distributed to the client relationship managers, who then work on it. Lots of the client mails are also uploaded on the secure client area, where the mails are viewable as PDF files.

This entire procedure is labor intensive and we strive at providing you with the best service possible. So, the procedure might take an extra week to get processed. However, we have computerized the process at our operations in order to expedite it and save your valuable time. We sincerely try to answer your queries and resolve your problems as soon as possible.

3. Whom can I get legal advice from?

Your client relationship manager is not supposed to give you any legal advice. All the legal advice is provided only by the attorney licensed in your state.

So, if you need any legal advice or assistance please ask your client relationship manager to help you get in touch with the OVLG attorney from your state.

4. Where are my trust funds maintained?

OVLG strictly follows the guidelines laid down by the California bar in its handbook on clients trust accounting. The trust funds of the OVLG clients are maintained at the Bank of America. It is a well reputed and

eligible financial institution as per the California bar


If you are not comfortable with this arrangement please notify your client relationship manager. In that case, you will have two choices for the maintenance of your funds.

Option A: You can use the self saving option.
Option B: You can request your trust funds to be maintained in a bank of your choice. We will try to work with your local bank to ensure your that request is taken care of.

5. What payment options does OVLG provide?

OVLG provides a wide range of payment options suited to the needs of the clients.
If you are comfortable sharing your bank account information with us, we would provide an ACH facility.

In case you are not comfortable sharing your bank account information with us, you have other payment options, among which you may choose the one that best suits you. Here are the options:

  • You can pay using paypal.
  • You may talk to the client relationship manager and get your bank account number. Thereafter, you may deposit your check at the local branch of Bank of America or Wells Fargo. Some banks provide an online option of electronic checks

    . Find out whether your bank provides the same or not. If your bank does, then you may use the option to directly deposit the check into the OVLG account.

  • You may mail us a paper check.
  • You may deposit the money in OVLG's Western Union account (This option would be available soon.)

6. Where is the OVLG call center located?

OVLG call center is located in India. If you face any problem while communicating with your dedicated client relationship associate, please let us know and we will have your file transferred to another client relationship associate.

7. What is the truth behind the anonymous allegations made against OVLG on the Internet?

OVLG is working very hard to provide low cost legal services to consumers in acute financial crisis. Such consumers are mostly those afflicted with hefty payday loans and harassing collection calls.

Our low cost services have posed a threat to a lot of payday loan companies and collection agencies. So these companies have chosen to malign OVLG by spreading rumors and anonymous allegations against our services on the internet.

The anonymity of such allegations makes it impossible for us to take actions against these. Even knowing the identities of the people/company allegedly spreading these allegations, does not help in any way, as they sharply deny their involvement in making these posts on the internet.

8. Who owns OVLG?

OVLG is owned by two attorneys, Mr. Virendra Kalani (Licensed to practice law in India) and Mr. Ganji (Licensed to practice law in California).

9. I am not satisfied with OVLG services. What can I do?

We, at OVLG believe in offering the best services to our clients. For us, our clients come first. If you are not satisfied with our services, we promise to refund the fees that you have paid to us. Find 100% Money Back Guarantee to dis-satisfied clients by clicking on the following link:


We earnestly request our discontented clients to provide us with their worthy suggestions, views and opinions that would help us improve our services.

10. Do people in the Indian call center of OVLG use their real names?

The call center employees of OVLG in India use pseudonyms or alias. If you are comfortable pronouncing their Indian names please do ask them for the same and they will be more than happy to let you know their Indian names.

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