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How OVLG helps to restore your reputation - Protect Your Good Name

Is someone or some organizations trying to tear down your online reputation? Are you losing business for all the illegitimate negative comments about your product or company in different blogs, social networks or forums? If your answer is ‘yes’, then OVLG can help you repair your reputation using a unique blend of world class legal and engineering expertise.

We have a no result refund policy so you’ve nothing to lose. If you are not satisfied with our services we will refund all the fees collected.

How OVLG helps to restore your reputation

What is online reputation management?

Online reputation management refers to the strategies or techniques that help you to control what gets published online. It helps to counteract misleading comments online, safeguard your image, and build the brand.

What are the benefits of online reputation management?

Why do you need online reputation management? This is the first question that may come to your mind. Well, the question is logical and you need to find the right answer for making the best decision.

Online reputation management has lots of benefits. For instance, it helps your business to gain credibility among consumers. It helps your business to win the trust of the consumers. Positive reviews on an online platform help to build your brand. People can connect with you and get complete information about your product or services. It helps to attract potential clients.

The other benefits are given below:

1. It helps your business to reduce negative publicity:Negative reviews can make a direct impact on your business revenue. Online reputation management can help to abolish negative reviews, comments, and feedback.

2. It helps you to monitor your online presence:Almost 90% of consumers say that they make their purchase decisions based on online reviews. Before buying any product or service, consumers check online reviews because they consider it as a good source of valid information. Now if you see Google reviews, you can find that anyone can make a comment there provided he/she has a Google account.

It’s tough to monitor all the reviews on an online platform. It’s almost impossible. Online reputation management services help to monitor all the reviews and remove any defamatory statements made against you.

3. It helps you take the necessary legal steps: Sometimes, your reputation and life go haywire when someone makes derogatory comments against you or your organization on an online platform. Life becomes more problematic when you don’t know who is making all the defamatory statements. You can hardly do anything. Online reputation management services help to identify the person and also take legal action against him.

4. It helps you to maintain transparency: Online reputation management helps you to be in good communication mode with your customers. It helps you to maintain transparency about your products and services. You can communicate with customers and get their feedback. If anyone makes a false statement against you, then also you can defend it. Many companies don’t give importance to online reputation management. As such, they fail to get good results. Being transparent can be risky. But in the long run, it’s good for the organization.

Last but not least, OVLG offers online reputation management services at an affordable fee. So you don’t have to spend a huge amount of money to protect your reputation and build your brand.

How to contact us

Please fill out the form beside with the following information:

  1. The defamatory statement [has been made in writing (libel) or in spoken word (slander)] that is harming your reputation.
  2. Where was the statement made?
  3. Do you know the person who has harmed your reputation or is it an unidentified person on the Internet?
  4. Which of the 4 services are you interested in?

Online Reputation Management Services and Fees:

1Reputation Damage and Injunction

If you do not know the identity of the person who has made the defamatory statement, it is very tough to take any legal action. We will do that for you.

  • For identifying the person = $500
  • Success fee: $1000 (payable only when we find the person)
  • For filing a lawsuit: $1500 (if out of court settlement is not possible)
  • Success fee: $5000 (payable only when we have won the case)

2Negative Comment Removal

If you think that the negative comment about your business or product is damaging your business reputation, then this is what you need. We will negotiate with the webmasters and publishers and get it removed.

  • Out of court settlement with the publisher: $500
  • Success fee is $1000 (payable only when we have removed the statement)

3Online Reputation Monitoring

It is not always possible for a company to constantly monitor whatever is being published about a company in the Internet. If you do not want to setup a new monitoring department, this online reputation monitoring services can be the solution. OVLG will constantly monitor the Internet for any defamatory statement made against you.

  • Online Reputation Monitoring: $50/month


We strongly suggest that you make sure that the top 10 results for your name or company name or product name on the search engines do not carry negative or defamatory comments. We can help you to clean it up.

  • Inoculation services: $2000 (we will make sure that the top 10 results on the search engines do not contain defamatory postings)

Last Updated on: Tue, 18 Aug 2020