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What makes OVLG the best and trustworthy firm

18 reasons to trust

1 14 Years of industry experience

OVLG was launched on May 12, 2007. It has been protecting legal rights and nourishing financial health of US people since then. Its huge experience helps to solve complicated problems easily and serve clients better.

2 150+ live success stories

Want to know how much did we save for our clients? Well, we have more than 150+ success stories wherein you can find out how much our clients saved. You can check out the client details in your own eyes and decide about us.
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3 More than 400 live reviews

We have 360+ live client testimonials for you. We don’t have any written testimonials. But, what we have is even more powerful than written testimonials. You can watch 360 clients speak about their experience of working with OVLG and then believe why it’s the best of the lot.
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4 Registered with Calbar

OVLG is registered with the State Bar of California. It follows all the state rules and regulations. You can work with us even when your eyes are closed.
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5 Member of CalChamber

OVLG is a member of California Chamber of Commerce since 2013. So, you can surely trust us now.
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6 No results refund policy

Not satisfied with our services? Don't worry! We will give you a refund since our motto is clients come first. If you're not satisfied, then send an email to complaints [at] We would take steps to resolve the issues.

7 5 Star on Trustlink

OVLG is a blessing during hard times. It's truly a lifeboat in stormy seas. This is what our clients have said in Trustlink. Other clients have given 5 star rating when they were asked to review us.
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8 Gives free advice 24*7

Need any free financial advice? Our counselors are ready to help you 24*7. All you need to do is leave a message in the Chat live option. You can also reach our counselors at (800) 530-OVLG.
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9 Is a renowned law firm

OVLG is one of the best law firms in the country. It has dynamic and energetic attorneys to provide best legal help to clients.
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10 Follows FTC guidelines

The best law firm is the one which follows all the rules and OVLG exactly does that. It follows all the FTC’s new telemarketing rules including:

  • Providing specific disclosures
  • Not charging upfront fees
  • Avoiding any kind of miscommunication

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11 Transparent work methodology

As per the federal laws, any firm offering debt relief services should explain the cost and tenure of the programs. So before you enroll into any program, we give you an idea about how much you’ve to pay and can potentially save. Besides, you can track the progress of your accounts 24*7. There is no hide and seek.
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12 Has budget-friendly fees

OVLG has a budget-friendly fee structure. Anyone who is in deep financial trouble can easily afford the fees. Please note that we don’t charge any upfront fees.
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13 84% satisfied clients

Our client survey results say that almost 84% of our clients are satisfied with the quality of our services and the time taken to resolve their different types of queries.
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14 11 Solutions for any problems

No matter what is your problem, we are there to solve it. Yes, we have 11 different solutions for different kinds of financial problems. And that’s why we call OVLG - the best one stop shop for legal solutions. You can can compare and then pick the best solution anytime.
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15 Present in 47 states

Yes, we have finally reached 47 states in the country. Unless, you stay in Wisconsin, Vermont, Pennsylvania, Colorado or Connecticut, we’ll be happy to solve your legal and financial problems 24*7.

16 Has a powerful attorney hub

A trustworthy law firm is incomplete without an attorney hub. OVLG is proud to announce that it has a panel of experienced and competent attorneys. They’re ready to reduce your debts, save money and give legal advice in 48 states.
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17 Gives free online tools

Online tools help you get the correct roadmap to financial freedom. OVLG offers debt help calculators and letters to negotiate with creditors absolutely free. You can get a pdf version of the letters, take a print out and mail it to creditors.
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18 Strong privacy policy

No one will know about your personal information at least from us. OVLG has a strong privacy policy where client’s confidentiality is the top priority. We strive to make our website architecture strong and safe to avoid hackers.
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Last Updated on: Mon, 8 Mar 2021