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OVLG Services & Fee Structure

Our primary goal is to be transparent and affordable, adhering to FTC guidelines. Here's a detailed breakdown of our fee structure:

1. Debt Settlement and Consolidation Fees

Outstanding Debt AmountThe amount you've enrolled for settlement or consolidation.-$10,000
Negotiated Debt AmountAmount after our expert negotiation.50% of Initial Debt.$5,000
Amount SavedYour savings after our negotiations.Outstanding - Negotiated Amount.$5,000
Success FeeFee charged after successful settlement.25% of the Outstanding Debt Amount.$2,500
Legal Consultation FeeOptional service.Per Hour.$100
Referral FeesOVLG's stance on referral fees.-No fees were paid or received.
Dropout & RefundIf you choose to stop our services, the trust account balance is refundable, excluding earned FEES.-Refunded within 7 business days.
No Result Refund PolicyIf you're not happy with our services, communicate with us. Mail us at feedback via fax (800-637-6854) to OVLG President. Refund provided after deducting any earned fees.Processed within 7 business days.

2. Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Fees

DescriptionDetailsFee Amount
Chapter 7 Base FeeService charges, not including filing & credit counseling fees.$1,500
Filing FeeAdditional fee for discharging most unsecured debts.$338
Amendment FeeIf any changes are made post-initial filing.$32 per change.

3. Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Fees

DescriptionDetailsFee Amount
Chapter 13 Base FeeBase service charge, plus any amount set by the court.$2,500
Filing FeeFor those opting for structured partial repayment plans (especially for retaining assets).$313
Amendment FeeIf any changes are made post-initial filing.$32 per change.


This is the fee we charge once we've successfully settled your debts.

We maintain it in a client trust account, ensuring that fees can be covered easily and negotiations can begin without seeking further funds.

We believe in delivering results first. Charging upfront goes against our policy of ensuring client satisfaction and trust from the outset.

The success fee is calculated as a percentage (25%) of the outstanding debt amount you've enrolled for settlement or consolidation.

Our goal is to ensure you're pleased. If not, please provide feedback. If we can't assist, we'll refund the trust account balance, excluding any earned fees.

Debt Settlement is a process where we negotiate with your creditors to reduce the amount you owe. Debt Consolidation combines multiple debts into a more manageable amount with potentially lower interest.

No, our fee structure is transparent. We disclose all costs upfront, and there are no hidden charges.

We don't pay or receive any fees for referrals. Our primary focus is on providing excellent service and gaining trust through word of mouth.

For any queries, you can reach out to Nick Denton at

Special Note

Let us know if you come across a company that charges less than us! Email Nick Denton at, and we guarantee to provide our services for half the fee they charge.

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