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Overview of debt consolidation & settlement

Both debt consolidation and debt settlement are premier debt relief options that you can avail in the state of Florida. Through getting enrolled in a debt consolidation plan, you can organize your debts into a single and affordable monthly payment. While a debt settlement program helps you come into terms with your creditors and settle delinquent accounts for much less than what you actually owe.

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  2. Payday loan laws in FL
  3. Statute of limitations (SOL) on debt

Florida bankruptcy laws

Florida personal bankruptcy filing laws explain the federal bankruptcy process and the other common issues surrounding like the process, exemptions as per the state laws, etc.

Florida exemptions:

  • Real or personal property (including mobile or modular home to unlimited value); cannot exceed half acre in municipality or 160 acres elsewhere.
  • 100% of wages for heads of family up to $750 per week either unpaid or paid and deposited into bank account for up to 6 months.

» Know more about Florida bankruptcy laws

Company formation in Florida

In Florida, a business corporation (limited liability corporations, limited partnerships, general partnerships, trademarks, etc,.) can be formed by filing the required documents with the state of Florida.

Steps that involve a company formation

  • Choosing a name
  • Incorporating the business
  • Filing articles of incorporation
  • Filing EIN
  • Acquiring business license

» Details of company formation in Florida

Steps that involve formation of Non-profit Corporation

  • Choosing the board of directors
  • Choosing a name
  • Preparing and filing articles of incorporation
  • Preparing bylaws for your non-profit
  • Holding a meeting of your board of directors
  • Setting up a corporate record binder

» Details of Non-profit Corporation formation

Florida wills and living trusts

Preparation of a will is a significant step in planning the allocation of your estate after your death. But were you aware of issues like:

  • Personal representative
  • Second marriage
  • Minor children and,
  • Assets co-owned

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Probate can be avoided through living trusts and you can even reduce or completely eliminate federal estate taxes for your estate. Know more about:

  • Revocable trust
  • Advantages
  • Disadvantages
  • Setting up revocable living trust

Additional State Legal Resources

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