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Settling your credit card debts might be a great way to wipe them out
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Getting rid of your credit card debts can give you much relief and restore your peace of mind, especially if you had been struggling to cope with the outstanding bills for long. Since credit card debts multiply with time, settlement might seem to be a beneficial debt relief option as it can help to reduce the debt amount to a large extent.

What are the signs that you need credit card debt help?

Below are some simple signs mentioned to let you know that you badly need credit card help to cure your debt problems.

  • Your savings are completely drained out.
  • You're unable to bear the minimum monthly payments on your credit cards.
  • You are badly screening repeated collection calls.
  • Your creditors are threatening you with lawsuit filing and wage garnishment.
  • You are thinking of taking out another loan to pay off your credit cards.

How does a legal settlement program work?

Credit card debt settlement program usually works in the same way as debt settlement programs do. Once you approach a trustworthy credit card settlement company, they handle the entire credit card debt elimination process on your behalf. Click here to know how debt settlement programs work.

What are 5 benefits of getting legal help to settle credit card debt?

Read below to know the 5 possible benefits of getting legal help to settle credit card debt:

  1. Reduced debt amount: In a credit card debt settlement program, a certain percentage of the outstanding balance is reduced. This makes it far easier for the debtor to unload the debt burden.
  2. Late fees are eliminated: Often all the late fees and other penalties are eliminated during the negotiation process of a credit card debt reduction program.
  3. No legal hassles: Once you enroll in a legal credit card debt reduction program, chances are less that your creditors or collection agencies will file a lawsuit against you. It's because they realize that they will eventually get their money back. Even if any creditor sues you, the credit card settlement company may provide you with legal assistance.
  4. Reduced collection calls: Once you get enrolled in a credit card debt settlement program, the company starts handling all your collection calls, and tackle your creditors. However, in certain occasions, your creditors can call you.
  5. Avoid bankruptcy: As you can easily settle your debts through credit card settlement, you are not required to think of a heart wrenching decision like bankruptcy.

Does settling credit card debt affect your credit score?

It is likely that credit card settlement will have a negative effect on your credit score as your creditor is compromising a huge amount in the program. The creditor reports the said amount as a loss. Again, the negative marks left on your credit report often remain there for up to seven years and include any past due payments, charge offs, accounts being sent to collections and judgements. However, in comparison to your overwhelming and all-encompassing debt burden, this is a very small compromise. Moreover, in comparison to bankruptcy, the credit impact is much less in a credit card debt reduction program. If you file for bankruptcy in order to get out of debt, you'd literally ruin your credit report and the mark will stay there for 10 years.

What are the tax consequences of credit card settlement?

Commencing from 2010, the IRS considers any forgiven debt amount that is more than $600 as taxable income. Therefore, the creditor must send you IRS Form 1099-C (Cancellation of Debt), and at the end of the financial year, you must pay income tax on the forgiven debt, just as you do on other forms of income. However, if you are technically bankrupt, then filing IRS form 982 may exempt you from paying taxes on the savings that you had from the settlement.

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