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Should You Pay Off Your 7+-Year-Old Credit Card Debt?
Updated on: 17th Sep, 2020

What happens when you stop making payments on your credit cards? Well, if you do so, its effects will become more adverse day by day! Once you are 30 days late, your creditors will contact you via email, phone, letters, to make the payments! You will be charged with hefty late fees, increased in...

What is a credit card hardship program and its benefits?
Updated on: 29th May, 2020

Financial problems can shake even the best money managers in the world. A sudden job loss or a big expense can make them defaulters. A few missed credit card payments can lead to additional interest rates, late fees, and ultimately a massive headache. Fortunately, there is one good option, and that...

Can credit card companies seize my house, if I default?
Updated on: 19th Feb, 2020

Credit card debt is mostly unsecured, unless it is a prepaid credit card, or has any asset as a backing.But, a credit card coming with a backed up security or asset, is a ‘one in a million’ chance of occuring. Yet, this shouldn’t make you ignore the fact, that a creditor can take away your hom...

Fair Credit Billing Act (FCBA): Things consumers should know
Updated on: 26th Dec, 2019

What if you are charged for an item or a service by mistake? Or what if you have been overcharged for an item on your credit card?Does this mean, you can’t get back your money? Is there any scope to dispute these kinds of incorrect charges?Calm down! Yes, there is the Fair Credit Billing Act (FCBA...

How to rebuild credit when your debts went to collections a year back
Updated on: 29th Aug, 2019

“90% of my accounts went to collections a year back and my credit score dropped to 545.” Amanda said it with a big frown on her forehead while sipping her favorite coffee at Starbucks last week. An event manager by profession, Amanda hardly has any time to take care of her personal or financia...

What happens to your credit score when you pay off all the debt
Updated on: 23rd Apr, 2019

Some people assume that paying off their debt will solve all their money problems. They think that after paying off debt, their credit health will improve overnight. But, unfortunately it is not the fact.Paying off all your debts help your credit score to flourish, but it may not always happen in ev...

Why did my credit score drop after paying down debt?
Updated on: 13th Dec, 2018

Recently, someone told me his credit score dropped after paying down debt. She was angry, dejected, worried, and frustrated. Her frustration is normal and justified. In fact, this is one of the top questions asked in forums every day. So I wanted to write a detailed post to give people a good link t...

Fraud alert! Black friday can make you a victim of identity theft!
Updated on: 8th Nov, 2018

It’s just about time for all of us to jump into the Black Friday shopping festival. People will get all busy with their credit cards, debit cards, stacked up savings, and so on. Some might shout out that Walmart’s throwing up the best deal, while the others might argue that this year Target...

When can a second credit card turn out to be good for you?
Updated on: 19th Aug, 2018

It is important to have not only a credit card, rather credit cards these days!The simple fact is, you miss out on great opportunities in life if you don’t use credit cards.So where is the big deal, you ask? You should be wise in managing your credit cards. Don't get lost and drained in paying off...

Are you the latest victim of identity theft? How can you be sure?
Updated on: 14th Aug, 2018

According to the consumer watchdog FTC, every year over 9 million people have had their identity stolen. If you’re not careful, an identity thief can use your personal information for running up charges on your credit cards or draining your bank account. What is identity theft? Identit...

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