10 Tax write-offs you don't believe are genuine in existence

The tax season has come and most of you are trying to find out ways to put some money back in your wallet. Some tax deductions are common; many people are aware of them. But you can get more tax write-offs by getting a little bit creative. There are some surprising tax write-offs that can help you earn some extra bucks.

10 Bizarre tax write-offs that you should be aware of:

1. Alimony

Going through a divorce is not only heartbreaking but also pocket burning, especially when you are liable for the spousal support payment. But do you know that the alimony givers are eligible for the tax write-off?

To get the alimony tax write-off, you and your partner should be legally separated and stay in separate houses.

2. Pet transportation

We all know that moving expenses are tax deductible. But few people know that the pet owner can get the write-off. Family pet transportation cost is eligible for the tax write-off.

If you recently bought a large crate for the St. Bernard or a shatterproof glass case for your boat constrictor, then show the receipt to get the tax deduction.

3. Doctor's recommended fitness program cost

The cost of gym membership, workout DVD, and Pilates machine are not eligible for the tax deduction. But the IRS offers the tax deduction for the cost of the doctor's recommended fitness program.

If your doctor suggests that you need to shape up your body through a fitness program for a healthier lifestyle, then you can claim for a tax write-off for the cost of the treatment.

However, your doctor should assure you about the improvement of your health. Once you get the assurance, you can get the tax deduction for anything that you have used to improve your health.

4. The cost of buying body oil

All bodybuilders have to use body oil for their bodybuilding purpose. The cost is not negligible.

Thus, as per the IRS rule, the cost of buying body oil is considered as the business expense.

However, the expenditure of buffalo meat and protein powder are not eligible for the tax write-off.

5. An indoor swimming pool

The cost of installing an indoor swimming pool is also eligible for a tax write-off. Well, you have to prove that the swimming pool has been installed on the medical ground.

If your doctor recommends to use a swimming pool for a medical issue, then you can install an indoor swimming pool. The cost is eligible for the tax deduction.

However, if you install a pool for your family members to enjoy the hot summer days, then you will not be able to get the tax write-off.

6. Rehab

People who are getting treated for drug or alcohol addiction in a rehab are eligible to get the tax deduction for the cost of their treatment.

Equine therapy, meals and lodging, and some therapeutic treatments are eligible for the deduction.

7. The cost of buying uniforms

Wearing uniform is certainly a boring thing, but it can boost your income during the tax season.

Yes, if you have to buy a uniform for your work, then the cost of buying and cleaning the uniform are eligible for the tax break.

However, the button-down shirt and a tie won't be eligible for the deduction. Scrubs, police officer uniforms, and hard hats are eligible.

Make sure you use the uniform for the work only. If you use the dress for everyday wear, then you can't claim the tax deduction.

8. The cost of buying tools and supplies

Some people need to use tool to do their job; they buy the tools and supplies for their work. Since the cost of buying the tools and supplies are not negligible, the IRS offers the tax benefit to the users.

To get the tax break, the person has to incur at least 2% of the adjusted gross income for the year.

So, the cost of buying auto mechanics, construction machines, and landscape architects, can easily match the criteria.

Even, the teachers can get the tax break of $250 for buying the school supplies.

9. The cost of making a documentary movie

If you have faced a six-figure loss in making a movie or documentary, then you may get the tax deduction from the IRS.

The cost of hiring staff, a bookkeeper, buying insurance, consulting experts, blogging, and marketing are eligible for the tax break.

However, if movie making is your hobby and you are not considering it as a business, then you can't claim for the tax deduction.

10. The cost of hiring a babysitter

A parent can get the tax break for the cost of hiring a babysitter for their child. However, the parents should hire a babysitter to leave the house to volunteer work associated with a charity.

As per the tax court, volunteering work for a charitable organization is considered as charitable contributions even though the money is not going directly to the charity.

Lastly, it is true that the best way to lower the tax bill is by getting all the tax deductions you are entitled to.

You should research first before applying for the tax break.

There are many hidden terms and conditions of which some may be unknown to you. Thus, it is recommended to take help from a taxpayer. A professional advisor can help you find all possible tax deductions. You can also get the most accurate and thorough advice to lower your tax burden from an expert. Thus, you can consult with a professional to review your return to get some more money back into your wallet.

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