Festive season begins with Halloween. This is the time to shop, splurge, have fun and put loads of pressure on your credit cards.

Every year, people spend a scary amount on Halloween costumes, candies, and other stuff. In 2015, consumers spent $6.9 billion for Halloween celebrations. And in 2016, the figure is expected to reach $8.4 billion.

But, have you ever thought that we all could use this event to make money instead of inviting debts? If you think differently, you’ll realize that this festive season can be a great money spinner. Yes, you can make money, save money and scare debts at the same time. Curious to know how? Find out here.

Make money

1. Carve pumpkin: Are you a very creative person? Do you like to create different types of pumpkin faces? If so, then once you’re done creating different pumpkin faces, click pictures and post them in your social media profile. Talk with your friends and make them agree to buy carved pumpkin faces from you. Think out of the box and create different designs. Then only people will be convinced to spend a few dollars.

2. Launch ebooks: Do you know lots of Halloween recipes? Does your culinary skills boast of creating yummy Halloween foods? If so, then you can launch an e-book on exciting Halloween recipes. This would help to solve 2 problems at once. You won’t have to rent a place to sell your book. Neither do you have to find a publisher who would agree to publish your book. Plus, readers can buy your book online.

Your e-book will be ready within a few hours. There is no need to depend on your family and friends. Rather, you can promote and sell your ebook through eBay or Craigslist.

3. Start blogging: Do you have lots of interesting stories on Halloween in your mind? If so, then create a blog and share your stories with the readers. Your stories should be new and interesting so that the readers get sucked in. You can even use this blog to sell used Halloween costumes. Just wash the costumes and iron them properly.

4. Sell costumes: Are you a fashionista? Do you love to create beautiful dresses? If so, then you can sew some nice costumes and display your creations on your blog. People are ready to pay for beautiful handcrafted creations. So, you can expect to fetch a good amount from people.

5. Be a party planner: A lot of people just want to chill and have fun instead of going through the hassle of organizing a Halloween party. If you’re good at organizing parties, then this festive event can be profitable for you. All you need to do is serve pumpkin shaped cookies and cakes. Don’t forget the decorations and other things such as napkins, paper plates, table cloths.

Save money and scare debts

1. Buy candy just before a day: Chocolate candies are more expensive than hard candies. This year consider buying Halloween erasers or rubber spiders instead of candies. The reason I’m telling you to do this is because you can return unused packages and get a refund. Plus, believe me, you can save as much as 40% on Halloween costumes and candies if you shop just a day before the D-day. Yes, your choice will be limited. But, you can get great discounts.

2. Watch out for coupons: Halloween coupon codes are available online. You can use those coupon codes to get attractive discounts on cookies and candies.

3. Shop from the dollar store: You know what’s the best part of shopping at a dollar store? You can get paper lanterns and many other decorative items from dollar stores for only $1. These are usually battery-operated lanterns. So, you can hang them anywhere.

4. Set a budget: Remember, the festive season has just begun. Black Friday, Thanksgiving day, Christmas and New Year will arrive soon. Set a budget for Halloween and stick to it. This would help you avoid debt in Halloween.

5. Enjoy free activities: Lots of events are taking place in the church or your community. You can take your kids to those events and let them have unlimited fun for free.

6. Go on a cash diet: Be it food, costume or decor, make sure you pay for everything in cash. This would help you avoid crossing the credit limit on your credit cards.

Final words

Halloween can cost you a lot if your children have huge expectations. But, if you’re creative and can plan carefully, then it can be a great event to make and save money instead of inviting debts in your life.

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