Part-time jobs are ideal to earn additional money to ease the huge financial burden of higher studies. Most of the college students need additional money to complete their next milestone. If you’re struggling with the education bills before the fall semester exam, then there are some ways you can find some additional sources of income.

Some seasonal jobs are very helpful to overcome this situation. However, seasonal jobs are available throughout the year. But comparatively, the fall season is the busiest period when many of the unemployed get hired. Both part and full-time jobs are available during the fall season. So, you shouldn’t miss the chance to get hired. Above all, seasonal jobs are perfect for college students to earn some money without barring the overall studies.

Here is a brief article about the ways you can find good jobs while completing your college studies.

Tips to get hired for fall season jobs

To take the full advantage of the fall season, you need to be prepared beforehand. At first, you need to send your job application to the recruiter. Here are some more tips that can help you in your venture.

1. Be enthusiastic

Keep a ready to go mentality to get a part-time job. Some websites such as or's main search page are good to find jobs. Social media platforms ( are good to find out seasonal part-time jobs for the students.

2. Do homework before the interview

You need to research well about the company before appearing for the interview. Visit the company's website and research well. For instance, try to know about the company's key products and sources of revenue to present yourself proactive to the recruiters.

3. Make yourself accessible to the recruiter

To get hired, you need to present a well-written resume with a proper cover letter. Thus, the recruiter will understand your preferences. Don’t forget to mention your current email id and contact number in the resume. If you want a part-time job in a particular location, then you should mention that as well.

Jobs that are popular during the fall season

As long as part-time jobs are your preference, you may get some specific jobs only, such as:

1. Jobs at store

During the fall season, many stores need part-time employees for upcoming Halloween shopping craze. So, there will be a great chance to get a part-time job on different roles such as cashier, greeter, roadside character, customer service and stockroom associate in stores.

2. Academic tutor

Teaching can be a good option to earn money during the fall season. However, you can tutor throughout the year. You can start with volunteer tutoring at your local libraries as well. Send business cards to the school counseling offices to get hired.

3. Delivery jobs

Package delivery services are quite popular as seasonal jobs. You can apply for the post of driver or handlers during this season. Search on the internet to know more about this type of jobs.

4. Temporary jobs

Some temporary agencies need additional staffs to meet their target during the fall season. You can get more information for a temporary job from Kelly Services, Snelling and Snelling, and Manpower.

5. Volunteer roles in athletics

If you have an interest in sports, then you can get hired as a referee, timer, ball retriever, announcer, scorekeeper, timer. These event-based volunteer jobs are ideal to earn a good amount of money throughout the fall season. Try to search if your state organizes such event.

Where to search seasonal jobs

  • Some websites such as,'s main search page are good to find jobs. You can get jobs as per your preference.
  • You can apply directly to the employer for the seasonal jobs. Visit the career section of the company’s website and apply via the form or email your resume to the recruiter.
  • Visit the company's office in person and drop your resume.

Final words

A few hours a day can make a big difference. If you think you can manage both the studies and work together, then don’t hesitate to move forward. Remember, a part-time job helps to gather experience too.

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