Best seasonal jobs

Part-time jobs or seasonal work in holidays are ideal for earning additional money to ease the huge financial burden of higher studies. Most college students need additional money to complete their next milestone. Job seekers struggling with the education bills before the fall semester exam can find some additional income sources by doing seasonal holiday jobs.

Holiday part-time jobs are very helpful in overcoming this situation. Seasonal jobs that make a lot of money per hour are available throughout the year. But comparatively, the fall season is the busiest period when many unemployed get hired for winter seasonal jobs. Both part/full-time winter jobs for seasonal workers are available during the fall season.

So, you shouldn’t miss the chance to get hired for such fun winter jobs. Above all, part-time jobs for students are perfect for college folks to earn money without barring overall studies.

Here is a brief article about how you can find unique seasonal holiday jobs that can make a good income per hour while completing your college studies.

Why people should look for seasonal jobs in the holidays

Even though many people put their seasonal job hunts on hold as the holidays get closer, carrying on with your search could be much more helpful. Here are a few reasons why it is good to search for seasonal work, especially winter work:

Start early before the new year hiring starts

Because of new budgets and restructured organizational goals following the holiday season, many organizations boost their hiring efforts in January. By applying over the holidays, especially in the winter holidays, you can contact hiring managers of the highest-paying seasonal jobs before other candidates do so in the new year. Sometimes, seasonal employees are offered good wages per hour compared to full-time employees. Also, employers might offer full-time positions during peak seasons to attract workers.

Easy to build a network through a holiday seasonal job

During the holidays, there are frequently a lot of social and professional gatherings and events where organizers need temporary employees. So, if you join such a seasonal job, you can reach and build a network with other experts in your sector. Sometimes event managers open seasonal jobs as social media assistants to cover big events.

Consider bringing business cards with your contact information and a link to your portfolio or website. Join discussions to promote your ideas with your network at these gatherings.

Less competition in winter seasonal jobs

You might encounter less competition while applying for a seasonal job over the holidays since many job searchers take a vacation from their quest. There may be a better possibility that the places that hire seasonally will accept your application seriously for the position and provide money than the average wage pattern.

Possibility of changing job status after the holiday season

Even though firms frequently open many part-time jobs and seasonal positions for the holiday season, some workers may become permanent. So, if you perform well while working local part-time jobs, you can be offered a permanent position in that company. So, your seasonal employment might turn you into a permanent employee.

Excellent benefits and secured salary for seasonal workers

Even if people work in places that hire seasonal workers, it may also provide benefits and perks. People can start the new year being financially stable if they grab a job right before vacation season begins. This may also help them set financial goals such as paying off credit card debt, small investments, repairs or renovation, etc.

Opportunity to mingle with a team

Many businesses offering part-time jobs for the holidays may host enjoyable team outings, activities, and parties to celebrate the holidays in their major event space. Joining a new

seasonal job during these holidays might help people form bonds with coworkers and fit into the company's culture. This will also help them to achieve permanent positions in the company.

Generate extra income in the holidays

You could make extra money per hour in peak shopping season if you choose winter seasonal jobs that require you to work over the holidays. Additionally, you might benefit from seasonal deals and employee discounts. These perks will make this seasonal job worth trying for job seekers.

Get flexible time off and paid holiday

Some businesses give paid holidays to new joiners. Before the holidays, you might be able to earn money and take time off to celebrate. But this facility isn't guaranteed.

Building habit of job searching

Maintaining your schedule and job search efforts throughout the holidays may help you maintain momentum. If you desperately need a new job in January, it will be easier to analyze every open opportunity if you start early during the holidays and keep applying.

Tips to get hired for the best seasonal jobs

You must be prepared beforehand to take full advantage of the fall season. First, you need to send your job application to the recruiter. Here are some more tips that can help you to get the best seasonal jobs.

1. Be enthusiastic

Keep a ready-to-go mentality to get part-time job opportunities. Websites like or's main search page are good for finding the best seasonal jobs. Social media platforms ( are good for finding seasonal part-time jobs for students.

2. Update your resume

You must update your resume if you're looking for a job during the holiday season. Include all your work and how you may best highlight your successes. Make sure your skills are appropriately listed. You can also highlight soft skills like communication and organizational skills on your resume. If you have completed projects, won awards, or held leadership roles, mention them.

Managers hiring for holidays will look for mistakes and conflicts in your resume that demonstrate a lack of care and attention.

3. Create and maintain a schedule

To keep on track during the Holiday season, allocate 20 minutes each day to work on your best seasonal jobs search. This will enable you to find local part-time jobs and maintain concentration and organization throughout the holidays.

This framework can be used to add time blocks to your schedule. By allocating time on your calendar and completing practical activities each day, you can get ready for Holiday season work interviews or email your resumes every week.

4. Participate in holiday networking events

Consider attending professional parties or networking events where you might meet people in your target industry. During the festivities, you might hand them your business cards or initiate a conversation to get to know them better. Anybody you meet at a Christmas party or other event might contact you for job openings at places that hire seasonally and ask if you are interested.

So during holiday parties and other events, attempt to exchange business cards with as many contacts as possible. Additionally, it's crucial to keep an eye out for information regarding rumors on the highest-paying seasonal jobs and trends.

5. Do homework before the interview

While seeking the best seasonal jobs, you must research the company well before appearing for the interview. Visit the company's website and research well. For instance, try to know about the company's key products and revenue sources to present yourself proactively to recruiters.

6. Make yourself accessible to the recruiter

You must present a well-written resume with a proper cover letter to get hired. Thus, the recruiter will understand your preferences. Don’t forget to mention your current email id and contact number in the resume. If you want a part-time job in a particular location, you should also mention that.

Jobs that are popular during the fall season

As long as part-time jobs are your preference, you may get some specific jobs only, such as:

1. Storefront seasonal jobs

Several stores require part-time workers during the fall season for the forthcoming Halloween shopping spree. There will be a fantastic opportunity to get part-time jobs in various positions such as cashier, greeter, roadside character, customer service, package delivery driver, distribution centers, and stockroom employee in retail stores.

2. Academic tutor

Teaching can be a good option to earn money during the fall season. However, you can tutor throughout the year. You can start with volunteer tutoring at your local libraries as well. Send business cards to the school counseling offices to get hired. Extra income during holidays can help you to

3. Salvation Army bell ringer

Working as a Salvation Army bell ringer is one unique seasonal holiday job that may help you make some extra cash. Antreas Koutis, Administrative Manager, Financer suggested - “I would stand outside of a local store in my town and ring a bell to encourage people going into the store to donate to the Salvation Army. It allowed me to meet new people and talk with them about why donating to the Salvation Army is important”.

4. Seasonal jobs as a warehouse worker

Warehouse workers handle orders, pack boxes and dispatch them correctly. They also perform equipment maintenance and inventory counts. Many distribution centers need warehouse personnel and package delivery drivers during seasonal holidays. So, this is one of the best seasonal jobs that you may opt for.

5. Delivery jobs

Package delivery services are quite popular as seasonal jobs. You can apply for the post of driver or handler during this season. You must have a valid driver's license for this job. Search on the internet to know more about this type of job.

6. Personal holiday assistant

One fantastic job to make some easy cash is personnel holiday assistance. Many people dread shopping during the holidays, whether it's food, gifts, gift wrappers, cards, holiday decorations, or other items. They also hate wrapping gifts, putting together toys, decorating a home, putting up lights, addressing cards, and preparing for parties. It can be stressful, especially for high-end jobs requiring many work hours.

Baruch Labunski, CEO of Rank Secure, added - “Those who like to do these things can make some severe money offering to help those who don't. All it takes is a list and some planning; you can make someone else's Christmas easier. It's best to offer a flat rate package for the holidays or to itemize your price per task based on the time and skill it takes”.

He also believes it helps to have referrals for others who can take on other tasks quickly. That makes a worker indispensable.

7. Work as general and operations manager

Operations managers check daily operations at their workplace, ensuring that the staff performs their responsibilities. They also hire, train, and dismiss workers as needed. Managers also conduct meetings and handle customer service issues. Sometimes these jobs may need prior expertise and work experience.

A prospective employer will always look for such skilled managers during seasonal hiring and throughout the year.

8. Choose temporary jobs

Some temporary agencies need additional staff to meet their target during the fall season. You may get a job in retail sales to assist customers, call centers, as extra desk clerks, a warehouse associate, camp counselors, etc. You can get more information for a temporary job from Kelly Services, Snelling and Snelling, and Manpower. These jobs are very helpful for meeting post-holiday financial needs.

9. Babysitting Children and Pets

The easiest way to earn extra money during holidays is babysitting children and pets. There are plenty of opportunities to profit from this in-demand business this holiday season, with kids on vacation, parents attending holiday parties, and covert shopping expeditions.

Shaun Connell, Founder of Writing Tips Institute, suggested - “ If you have experience looking after kids, you might reach out to parenting organizations using various websites to promote your services. Regardless of your experience level, you should take a first aid course because it can calm worried parents' minds and prepare you for emergency scenarios”.

He also added that people could provide services like dog sitting if they have previous experience as a pet sitter. They can set the pricing but need to check out the local competition to determine a reasonable price.

10. Work as storage and distribution manager

Workers, logistics, inventory, shipping, and customer orders are all under the supervision and management of storage and distribution managers. They handle finances, train employees, create health and safety regulations, and other things.

11. Volunteer roles in athletics

If you are interested in sports, you can get hired as a referee, timer, ball retriever, announcer, scorekeeper, or timer. These event-based volunteer jobs are ideal for earning a good amount of money throughout the fall season. Try to search if your state organizes such an event.

12. Become a tax preparer

Since taxes are inevitable, a tax preparer will always stand out during the tax season. Be unique owing to the evolution of taxes. A lot of people seek expert help every spring. Yongming Song, the CEO of Live Poll for Slides, added - “Knowing the tax code will help you in tax preparation with your own finances. You get to save yourself some extra money on your tax return and the extra money you earn while assisting others”. To perform this work, you’ll need a preparer tax identification number (PTIN) and some basic training on current tax codes. During the tax season, you may earn a lot of money at a part-time job.

13. Work as a machinist

Machinists handle and maintain industrial machinery and run equipment that produces metal instruments and parts. They may also modify or repair mechanical devices. Many employers would require expert and experienced workers to consider for this position. So, during the winter months, you may initiate your job search with the temporary position of a machinist and use the seasonal opportunities.

14. Serve as customer service representatives

Many organizations require more customer support during holidays in retail sales. In this situation, they need to increase the number of call center staff by hiring more customer service representatives to help clients with urgent problems or respond to their inquiries.

So, during the holiday rush, there is a high demand for customer service representatives in these best seasonal jobs.

15. Be a landscaper

If you enjoy working with plants outside, you might want to consider becoming a landscaper. This position includes planting and caring for flowers, trees, and bushes to transform existing outdoor areas or create new ones. Seasonal workers can easily get this seasonal job if they have expertise in gardening.

Although labor can be a little physically taxing, it's a terrific way to earn money and maintain good health.

16. Work as a snow shoveler

Become a part-time snow shoveler if you enjoy the outdoors during the cold winter months. Many people dread the hours it takes to shovel snow so they can get to work the next morning. Storms make it extremely unfun. Offer to do it for your neighbors at a price. Jodi Neuhauser, the CEO of Ovaterra, believes it's a great way to pass the time and earn extra money.

17. Work in an amusement park

Seasonal workers are frequently hired by amusement parks, especially in the winter. The park authorities hire skilled workers to run the facility efficiently. A park attendant's responsibilities include ticket sales, snack bar operations, and operating rides. Organizations like Magic Kingdom, Disneyland, and Universal Orlando are hiring seasonal employees for this position.

18. Work as a member of the Ski Patrol

Resorts frequently require more ski patrol throughout the winter. In this position, people will work with the ski patrol staff to maintain the slopes, ensure that skiers behave responsibly, and assist or rescue skiers.

People need the necessary training, ace the test, and earn CPR and first aid certifications. For this position, seasonal employees are being hired by businesses like CM Resort, Loon Mountain, and Huff Hills.

19. Work as a Transcriptionist

According to Mahesh Kumar, Spokesperson of the Transcription Certification Institute, if people are looking for a way to balance their budget this holiday season, transcription is easy to make money from home. All they need is an internet connection and a computer to get started.

The salary of a transcriptionist is generally around $19.02, while an advanced transcriber can make approximately $25 to $30 per hour. At this rate, if you work 2.5 hours per day for 24 days, people can easily make an average of $1141.2 per month. You may consider this one of the higher-paying jobs available during busy seasons.

20. Serve as a tour guide

During the holidays' people frequently travel to various locations. So many tourist locations will get more traffic than usual. During these times, seasonal hiring is typically increased. Different historical sites, museums, and other attractions get too many gatherings.

So, these places that hire seasonal workers may need many workers to support the increasing number of visitors during busy holiday seasons.

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