Hello my dear readers,

Today I would like to share the story of Mr. Aaron Wise, my neighbor in Oakland, California. Mr. Wise works as a store manager. He is married and has two adorable daughters. He’s always cheerful and loves to make people laugh by cracking jokes.

A few months ago I visited his store. To my surprise, I discovered a scar of distress at this witty man’s face. So, I couldn’t keep myself away from asking him about his misery. At first he didn’t want to share his pain, but when I insisted, he slowly started revealing his agony to me.

It happened like this…

Mr. Aaron Wise’ story: Happiness short-lived!

Last year during the holiday season, as Mr. Wise said, he was swayed away by a temptation tempest. According to him, he had a fair credit score. But today, his credit score came down due to his mistake.

He was happy with his credit score and has never reviewed his credit reports. He was over-confident and didn’t pay attention to his card’s limit while shopping.

In 2014, during the holidays he ended up buying loads of things that crossed his credit card limit. And now, he has accumulated a credit card debt of 7,000 dollars. He realized this when he got a call from the collection agency. In short, Mr. Aaron Wise got stuck in a debt trap!

My encounter with Mr. Wise’s dilemma

After hearing everything from Mr. Wise...

Firstly, I suggested him to contact Oak View Law Group, where I work as a financial content writer. I advised Mr. Wise to enroll himself in OVLG’s debt settlement program. I assured him that if he listened to every word of the officers there, he would soon become debt free.

Secondly, I promised him to share my point of view regarding this. So, I did my research and came up with some of the ways to earn extra cash during the holidays. This would help him to pay off debts fast.

How to earn extra cash during holidays

Mr. Wise’s trouble forced me to think in a different manner. Instead of doing my research on money management and savings, I came up with the ways to earn extra money during the holidays. So this time, I continued to do my research regarding the ways to make extra money.

I hope that the below questions will help you find your answer to earn some extra dollars during this holiday season:

# Do you’ve a creative mind?

Use your creativity to earn some more dollars this holiday season. Do you love to act in front of the mirror when you’re alone? If yes, then drape yourself as Santa Claus and earn $40 per hour at local stores and events. Do you know Santas at private events make $50 to $300 per hour? So, sharpen your acting skills while you earn more money during the holidays.

If you are good at making handmade jewellery, then sell your product to earn some extra money. Are you good enough at decorating your room? So this time, indulge yourself into a decorative realm. Become a holiday decorator and charge $45 to $80 per hour for your service.

*Discover your inner creativity and fill your pockets a bit more this holiday.

# Do you’ve a loving heart?

You can work as a babysitter if you love babies. There are families that require a babysitter to take care of its kids especially during the holidays. Update your work profile and earn some extra cash.

You can also become a pet sitter or a dog walker to earn money. Pets can’t be taken to every place. If you know such family who can’t take its pet(s) to the holiday destination, then take its responsibility for the time being and serve as a pet sitter. But, don’t forget to charge for your services.

*Uncover the soft corner of your heart and get paid for your caring services.

# Do you believe in - “cleanliness is godliness”?

Do you possess perfect cleaning skills? Then advertise for a one-time holiday deep cleaning. People would love to make their house spotless before the holidays. You can also demand a higher rate since you’re offering a deep cleaning service.

Are you a good organiser? You can get paid for organising people's things especially during the holiday season.

*Trade in your organizational skills and fill your bank account.

# Are you a hard worker?

You can think of working overtime if you love your job. If your employer is offering high rates for overtime, then take advantage of it. Work hard to make the most out of it.

*Show dedication towards your work and earn extra money.

# Do you know how to drive?

Earn extra while you drive a family to the airport or an elderly to the doctor’s chamber. Holidays are the busiest travel time. So, promote your driving ability and make your pocket a bit heavy.

*Earn some dollars more while you sharpen your driving skills.

# Are you a good cook?

Do you love experimenting with food? If so, then start a small party catering service during this holiday season. Make delicious dishes for small gatherings and charge for the same.

*Sell your lip smacking foods to earn that extra penny.

# You can also indulge in the following ways to earn some extra cash:

Keep your pocket happy while you become a tutor and help kids to prepare for their exams.

During the holidays, companies that deliver goods demand workers who like to stay on the go. If you’ve the capability, then pick up a delivery job to earn that extra penny.

In the busy holiday season, it becomes difficult for people to look after the daily tasks such as grocery shopping, picking up dry cleaning and so on. So, they hire errands to help them. If you think that it’s your cup of tea, then work as an errand runner and make some profits. You can also start your own errand business. It charges between $18 and $35 an hour, with a national average of about $25 an hour.

You can also sell your old smartphone or any other gadgets that you no longer need to earn few extra cash.

Holidays are there to enjoy and make merry. The enjoyment gets double if there is some extra cash to spend. Well! I hope that the above discussion has helped you.

Do you know any other ways to earn extra cash? Then, please don’t forget to share them. I’ll eagerly wait for your reply guys. So, hurry up and pen down your thoughts as soon as possible.

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