The $1.3 trillion student loan debt has been the talk of the town for quite a long time now. But today, I’m not going to discuss anything about this overwhelming debt. Come on guys, it’s Christmas time and I hope you don’t want me to talk about student loan debt. Isn’t it?

Let us focus on something else today. Don’t get panicky if you have a devastating student loan debt. You’re not the only one. There are millions of them along with you. Also, do not let this devil ruin your Christmas enjoyment. You can still have fun this Christmas with a student debt burden on your shoulder.

So, how will you do it? Well, it’s not a problem if you don’t know what to do. Continue reading and you’ll have an idea of celebrating Christmas while in student loan debt.

1. Say no to plastics

We all use credit cards. But, when you’re in debt say a big NO to your credit cards. You’re already loaded with student loan debt. So, don’t let these plastics add more to your debt pile. Spend only that money which you have.

Use hard cash to buy gifts so that you don’t end up with a financial hangover post Christmas.

2. Find out what you can spend

Budget, budget, and budget! It should be your Christmas shopping mantra. Before you rush to buy Christmas presents, slow down.

Take out time and figure out how much money you’ll be able to spend on Christmas gifts and decorations after paying your student loan debt.

Don’t overdo it.

3. Cut down your shopping list

Since money is limited, try to slash your Christmas shopping list. Never go to extremes or borrow money to buy Christmas presents. You should neither go to extremes nor borrow money to buy Christmas presents. By doing so, you’ll go more into debt.

So, what’s the solution? If possible, try to slash your shopping list. No one has sworn you to buy them gifts.

Minimize your list as much as you can.

4. Learn to say ‘NO’

Do you realize that if you accept each and every invitation, your expenses will go up? So, learn to say ‘NO’ and accept those invitations that are important to you and which make you happy.

5. Buy only the essential gifts

Instead of giving presents to every individual whom you know, give gifts to those people that are important to you.

Don’t give 2 to 3 gifts to each of your relatives.

Instead, purchase gifts that are essential. It’ll help you save more money on Christmas shopping. In short, avoid useless expenses.

6. Be a smart shopper

Expenses tend to get bigger and bigger when you buy individual gifts. Instead of purchasing so many gifts, try to buy group presents that’ll shorten your expenses like movie DVDs, photo frames, and so on.

Plus, you can also use the saved amount to pay your student loan debt.

7. Lower your expectations

If you have been throwing lovely and lavish Christmas parties for the past years, stop it.

Inform your friends and family that you’ll simplify your party this year and you won’t be able to give gifts to everyone.

Don’t hide anything from them and clear any air of confusion beforehand. Setting expectations ahead of time won’t put much stress on your finances as well.

8. Go simple with Christmas decorations

Some people love to decorate their home lavishly during Christmas. It’s good if you’re one of them, but this year your situation is different.

So, try to keep your Christmas decorations as minimal as you can. It’ll put less pressure on your pocket.

Don’t get disheartened. If things get back to normal next year, you can enjoy Christmas the way you want.

9. DIY is the best gift

Homemade, handmade, and handcrafted - these are the best options you have when you’re stuck in a financial crunch. Moreover, a handcrafted gift will add more value to your Christmas wishes.

Are you wondering what to make for your loved ones? If so, then have a look below and get some ideas:
  • Cook up a delicious dish
  • Make a photo collage and/or photo frames
  • Craft beautiful candles
  • Make jewelry
  • Make organic chapsticks and body butter

If you want some more DIY gifting ideas, search Google.

10. Enjoy with family

Christmas is the best occasion to spend some quality time with your family.

If your parents have been complaining that you don’t give them time, prove them wrong this time.

Do you live separate from your parents? If yes, then make a surprise visit to them. Believe me, this will be their best Christmas ever.

Christmas is the time to enjoy and live the festive spirit. So, don’t let your student loan debt burden overshadow your enjoyment. What if you have a debt? The above ideas are great to celebrate Christmas with a bit of control over your finances.

Wish you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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