Chances are very high that you have met someone who is already in debt. This person (who can be your friend, relative, neighbor or colleague) is financially stressed, and that’s why has decided to stop spending money on anything except bare necessities. It’s not that this person dislikes to pamper himself with gifts. But, his current financial situation doesn’t allow him to buy something nice for this festive season.

So, as a well-wisher, what should you do? Should you sit idle and let him spend holidays with a gloomy face? Or, should you gift something to this person that would help him relax and enjoy Christmas just like others?

Anyone with a warm heart would surely want to give a nice Christmas gift to a person pinching pennies every day. I guess no one is that much heartless. Right? So, here I’m with a list of gift ideas for people who can’t dare to shop or pamper themselves due to debt issues:

1. Pay their bills

Just ask what is the minimum payment amount on the credit card. Pay this amount on his behalf in December. Even a small help can make this financially stressed person relax. If you can’t pay the credit card bill, then you can think about paying phone or utility bill too.

2. Give them movie tickets

A nice movie with a yummy dinner would be an excellent gift for penny pinchers. They can forget all their financial worries and enter into a dream world for a few hours. You can even offer to babysit for those hours.

3. Pamper them with spa treatment

Spa treatment can work like a magic. It can relax all the nerve endings and rejuvenate a person. A debtor has loads of stress. He has to handle debt collectors, fight lawsuits, save money, etc. A spa treatment can help him release stress and get new energy to fight with his financial problems.

4. Feed him with delicacies

Who doesn’t love to munch yummy foods? Who doesn’t love to sip hot beverages in the chilly winter? But not many people can buy costly chocolates, wine, turkey, fruits and desserts due to chronic financial issues. This Christmas, you can give a basket of lovely goodies as a gift. It would bring a smile on the face of someone facing financial troubles.

5. Give cash

An envelope full of cash can be an awesome gift for someone who is already in debt. Your loved one or friend can use cash as per his choice. He can pay a part of his debt. He can buy something useful. He can even use the money to repair his car. In short, he can do whatever he desires.

Some people have immense self-respect. They won’t allow you to pay their bills directly. They would feel ashamed of themselves. It’s because they believe their debt problems are due to their fault. So, they wouldn’t allow you to pay their credit card debts or payday loans. Cash is a good gift in the sense that it would help to protect their self-respect. They can pay off their debts without feeling guilty or ashamed of themselves.


Anyone who is going through financial problems will feel loved and cherished after receiving these wonderful Christmas gifts. But, before you choose any gift, just have a look at your budget for a few minutes. Never cross your holiday budget to make someone happy. Otherwise, you would be in tears after the festive season is over and the New Year kicks in.

So, this was my list of Christmas gifts you can give to someone who is in debt. Do you have any other idea? If yes, then please do share it with us.

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