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Why should you join OVLG Attorney Marketplace?

It's free

Reach new potential clients and grow your practice with the FREE listing option in the Marketplace.

Boosts your online reputation

Build credibility with positive reviews and the best attorney award in your locality.

Tracks and manages payments online

Send invoice to clients and receive payments through an online billing system.

Takes your brand to the next level

Highlight your expertise, build trust with your clients, and increase your business prospects.

Connects you with 65k+ potential clients

Expand your business by connecting with a huge number of potential clients.

Connects to verified attorneys

Join the list of verified attorneys, grow your network, and expand your business.

How does OVLG Marketplace work?

  • Potential customer registers in the marketplace to find an attorney.
  • Gets a list of attorneys based on his location and other parameters.
  • Shortlists attorneys and requests for quotes after reviewing profiles.
  • Shortlisted attorneys will get notification of interested customer.
  • Attorney will review customer case study and quote fees accordingly.
  • Customer receives fee quotes and selects the best attorney.
  • Finally, the customer becomes the client of selected attorney.

A Free customized legal portal to manage clients and payments

  • Manage your clients with a secured database.
  • Generate invoice and track payments, free of cost.
  • Update case details and set reminders for your tasks.
  • Generate reports to track monthly revenues and all.
  • Keep your case data safe and secure.
  • Get a customized account where you can set everything as per your need.


Frequently Asked Questions

An online platform where a network of experienced and qualified attorneys connect with clients. Here, attorneys can reach 65k+ potential clients, offer legal help, build trust, and expand their business.
One unique feature is that clients come with their cases on our online platform looking for legal help from attorneys. They decide which attorneys will work on their cases after reviewing all the suggested profiles. Attorneys have the flexibility to review the cases, quote their fees, and get hired.
To initiate the profile activation process, you can register in the OVLG Attorney Marketplace Hub with all the correct information. Acknowledge and verify all your details through emails. That’s it. You are ready to explore the marketplace and get new clients.

You should build a strong profile and update it properly to create a strong presence in the OVLG Marketplace. A powerful profile is more likely to come up in the top suggestions and help you get more clients.

You can make your profile stand out by updating your work experience, updating your legal expertise, uploading a professional profile picture, giving correct information in the About Me section, sharing content or video in OVLG periodically, updating your profile, and showing interest in participating in the weekly client Q&A session.

Yes. There is no doubt about it. Your profile will be shown to individuals who need legal help in your locality and match all criteria with you.
No. There is no monthly fee or upfront fees for participating in the OVLG Marketplace right now.
The attorneys determine the fees after reviewing the case details of their clients.

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Problems faced by attorneys

  • Difficulty in finding new clients during an uncertain time.
  • No specific platform for attorneys to communicate with clients.
  • An unorganized legal industry without any standardization of legal services.

How OVLG is trying to solve it for attorneys

  • A platform to connect with 65k+ monthly visitors with free registration.
  • A platform to create a customized profile and connect with clients online.
  • Technological solutions to manage legal services.

Last Updated on: Mon, 15 Feb 2021