My father passed 3 months ago and mother almost 2 years ago. My sister is allegedly the executor of the will but refusing to convey any information therein. She is saying that we need to go to a lawyer to get a “reading of the will”. Though we have left multiple messages to the attorney who was there at the time when the will was being built, we never heard anything from his end. The properties have changed from my father’s name to mine and my brothers, but the communication address listed now is of my sister’s. While some other properties are still in his name with unpaid medical bills. I just don’t know what options I have as my sister has refused to talk to me or any of my brothers on this.

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I’m not sure why your sister is behaving in such a way, but you see one month is nothing to come into a conclusion with situations. The probate procedures take longer terms than what you anticipate. You need to go on tracking the things in progress. My best advice would be to consult a probate attorney. This way you would also get to know your rights. Hope this helps!!

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Last Updated on: Fri, 8 Jun 2018

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