Who can be the witnesses to my will? I mean, how do I choose them? Do they need to be related? If it's so, then that might be problem for me, since all my relatives and family members are not in the US. Is it necessary for them to be US citizens?

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No, witnesses don't have to be related to you. In fact, you should have witnesses who don't have beneficial interests in the will. You can even have strangers witness your will, as long as they're above the legal age (over 18), competent and US citizens.

They don't even need to know about the contents of the will, but should be aware that it's your Last Will and Testament.

Consult an attorney for the process. It's pretty usual for an attorney to pull over witnesses (from those working in his/her office). Or..... you can take friends or acquaintances with you.


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Last Updated on: Fri, 8 Jun 2018

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