My father dies without a will. We are six brothers and a stepmother. He owned a home. There is no communication between the stepmother and us. She wants to stay in the home even though she is not the owner of the home and we want to sell it and share the amount. Can we force her to sell the property? Again, how the proceeds will be divided?

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You should try to reach out to an experienced probate attorney in your area. Each state has its own intestacy laws that decides how the property of a person will be distributed who dies without a will. While the sons are eligible to inherit the father’s property, the stepmother is also legally eligible to become heir to some. Who will get which portion, however, completely depends on the state laws. Only a probate lawyer who is licensed to practice law in your state can tell you in detail. You should not try to handle this on your own.

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Last Updated on: Fri, 8 Jun 2018

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