My wife and I are still married but we haven’t been living together for the last 7 years. I want to prepare a will but heard somewhere that can’t make one without her. I know that if I die my kids will get nothing and it’s her ones, who are going to devour everything. All she is doing is just waiting for me to die. She won’t even get separated. What should I do?

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There is no legal obligation that you need to have your wife’s permission or involvement to prepare your will. You can obviously prepare your will on your own. Moreover, as you have said earlier that you want your offspring to inherit your property, i’d suggest you to contact an estate planning attorney in your area and develop your will asap. Moreover, I’d strongly recommend you to reach out to a family law attorney in your area and get help with the divorce proceedings or at least try to have a legal separation.

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Last Updated on: Fri, 8 Jun 2018

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