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Financial literacy gap in US high schools - A comparative study

OVLG is excited to invite US high schools in a comparative study to test the financial literacy of young adults.

Goal: OVLG has received a grant to understand how teens think and feel about money and the financial literacy gap in high schools. We want to understand how prepared are high school students to make independent financial decisions.

Award amount: Each student will be awarded $1 for answering 5 financial questions.

This year’s participants

Suvajit Chakraborty

How to participate

Step 1: Announce on the school’s website about the study and encourage students to participate.

Step 2: Ask your students to answer 5 financial questions within December 15, 2021.

Financial questions for high school students

Question 1: Can you pay for college without student loans?
Options: a) Yes b) No

Question 2: Do you know how to create a budget?
Options: a) Yes b) No

Question 3: How can you build credit once you turn 18?
Options: a) Become an authorized user [ Yes / No] b) Get a secured credit card [ Yes / No ] c) Get a starter credit card [ Yes / No]

Question 4: If you receive $500, how will you use it?
Options: a) Buy a smartphone b) Keep it in a savings account

Question 5: What are the best ways to manage student credit cards?
Options: a) Pay your credit card bills on time ( Yes/No) b) Keep a low credit utilization ratio ( Yes/No) c) Don’t charge more than you can afford ( Yes/No)

Note:: Our team will review the answers to ensure all students have a fair chance to receive the award.

Where to submit your answers

Submit your answers to OVLG Research Coordinator, Mr. Paul, at Call or text him if you have any questions or doubts.

Privacy Policy

OVLG’s relation with high school students is solely for the study. All personal details collected from students for the study will remain confidential and secure.

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