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Financial education comparison across US Universities - A comparative study

OVLG has received a $1,000,000 grant to study the difference in financial education in several US Universities. We want all the US Universities to encourage students to participate in this study and help us understand two things:

  1. Is there any difference in financial education amongst students across US Universities?
  2. If yes, why is there a difference in financial education amongst University students?

Participate and earn $: We are offering $1 to each student who answers 5 questions on financial education and helps us to make a comparative analysis. If 1000 students participate in the study, we will pay $1000.

Recent participants

Suvajit Chakraborty

How to participate

High-school seniors, graduates, college and university students can participate in this study.

We urge universities to spread the word about this study on their official websites. They can ask students to answer these 5 questions on financial education and earn dollars.

Question 1: Do you know how to manage money in class?

Options: a) Yes b) No c) Don't remember

Question 2: Have you read textbooks on managing money?

Options: a) Yes b) No c) Only a chapter in a textbook

Question 3: Have you ever done any of these activities in class?

Options: a) Explaining the purpose of money [ Yes / No] b) Explaining why is it necessary to spend money on needs rather than wants? [ Yes / No ] c) Explaining financial rights of consumers [ Yes / No]

Question 4: Where do you look for information on financial matters?

Options: a) Television b) Parents c) Friends d) Internet e) Teachers

Question 5: Have you heard about these terms in the last 1 year?

Options: a) Debit card ( Yes/No) b) Compound interest ( Yes/No) c) Interest payment ( Yes/No) d) Wage ( Yes/No) e) Budget ( Yes/No)

You can ask students to email their answers to OVLG Research Coordinator, Mr. Paul, at Our team will review the answers and get back to you.

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