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How to pay off storefront payday loans

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Payday loan debt is a massive problem in the country. Many people are in debt due to pdls. So today we thought about sharing a video on how to deal with it. So let’s start talking.

Is your mind dizzy due to the extraordinary high-interest on your storefront payday loans? Are you deeply worried since you can’t pay your rent and other bills due to your payday loans?

Well, you have 2 options to solve this problem. Your first option is the Extended Payment Plan (EPP) where you can repay the loan over a period of additional weeks without any extra cost in 4 equal payments. You won’t have to pay an EPP fee unless you default on it.

Your second option is the payday loan debt settlement program where you have to pay almost half of the original amount. A law firm like OVLG looks at the state pdl laws and then negotiates with lenders for a lower payoff amount.

If you owe $3000 in total, OVLG can help to bring down the amount to $1500 and you can save the rest $1500.

Do you want to get help from OVLG? If so, call our Toll Free number - (800)-530-OVLG. Our Financial Coach is ready to help you.

What is an Storefront payday loan?

Many payday loan agencies operate through payday loan stores where you arrange for a short term loan in person. If you are looking for a retail payday lender, you probably will not have to search very much. The US abounds with thousands of retail payday lending store you can easily walk into and take out a small loan to get out of your immediate cash crunch.

How storefront payday lending works?

Storefront payday lending is simple. The finance charges and fees demanded by the lender are usually fixed by the laws of the state where the store is located. When you take out a payday loan, the lender may ask you to deposit a postdated check as security. On the day the loan matures, you are expected to return to the store to repay the loan in person. If you fail to repay the loan, the lender may process the check normally or through electronic debit from your checking account.

What makes retail payday loans more advantageous over online payday loans?

Retail payday lending has several advantages over online lending. When you go to a retail lender, you deal with your lender in person so you know who you are dealing with. Moreover, by dealing directly with the payday lender you can be assured that the lender abides by your state's payday lending regulations.

Online payday lending makes it difficult to locate where the loan originates, which makes it harder to determine of the loan is legal in your state. In some cases online lenders have been known to overlook state regulations that fix how much interest payday lenders can charge, how quickly can they demand repayment, and how can they collect on unpaid debts.

It is true that unlike online lending, retail lending lacks convenience when it comes to meeting immediate monetary needs. To get a retail loan, you need to visit a lender during business hours, whereas an online loan is available anytime. Yet, when it comes to transparency, retail lending is a much safer option.

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