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Created By : Stacy B Miller
On 12th Dec,17
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You forget all the fun and lovely moments you had in Christmas the day you receive a long bill from your creditors. It’s the wake-up moment for you. Your creditors have given you money to enjoy good food, clothes, gadgets, music, etc. in the festive time. Now it’s payback time.

If you have money to pay your bills after the New Year celebrations, then there is no problem. But remember, you have to file your tax returns within 2-3 months. So you need to save money for that as well.

If you don’t have money to pay your credit card bills after holidays are over, then you’re in trouble since creditors won’t spare you. They will either call you or assign your accounts to debt collection agencies. If you still can’t pay your bills, then they may meet you at court also.

Will you like to begin the new year like this? Is it not better to celebrate Christmas without inviting debt into your house? Who told you that you’ll have a great Christmas only by exhausting your wage? Instead of spending your hard earned cash, you can both earn or save money during this festive time, and can still have a great time.

Wanna know how to complete your Christmas shopping and avoid debt at the same time? Let’s find out. Here are a few tips.

1. Use cashback websites for shopping:

I shop a lot from cashback websites throughout the year but I don’t withdraw the money. I wait until Christmas and use the money for shopping.

2. Sold unused items on eBay:

Christmas is the time for getting rid of unused items. Declutter and sell your unused items on eBay. You can buy new things with the money earned from selling unnecessary items. Last year I bought toys for my nephew with the money.

3. Use vouchers:

If you have earned vouchers through mobile apps, then you can also use that for Christmas shopping. For instance, you can get Amazon vouchers by scanning receipts after completing your supermarket shopping. Just click a picture of the receipt and earn credit for the amount you have spent in the shop. You can cash in for Amazon vouchers.

The fun part is that it doesn’t have to be your shopping only. If you can scan the receipts that have been thrown out in bins and trolleys, then also you can earn credit.

Last year I earned $1000 in cashback and used it for buying Christmas presents for my relatives and friends.

4. Purchase quality items:

Please don’t buy cheap stuff. Use the money you earn from cash back or mystery shopping to buy good or premium quality items since they have a good resale value. You can also use them for regifting.

I have seen many people buying loads of things for their kids but those are not quality items. They don’t last long. Buy quality goods so that your kids can enjoy them for a long period of time.

5. Enjoy mystery shopping:

You can use mystery shopping to earn money and get discounted gifts. You can do mystery shopping for jewelry stores, specialty shops, toy shops, etc. This will take some time and effort but the end result is worth it. You can use the money to complete the remaining part of your shopping.

Some other tips to save on Christmas shopping and avoid credit card debts

  1. Leave your credit cards at home since this will help you avoid overspending. Buy items with cash.
  2. Donate money to charitable organizations since this would help you save on your tax later.
  3. Stay within your budget when you’re doing your Christmas shopping.
  4. Don’t waste food on Christmas since it’s expensive. Freeze the leftover. Try to cook as per your need.
  5. Make a list of everything you need to buy for Christmas. Figure out how much you need to complete your Christmas shopping. Save that amount in advance.
  6. Ask your friends and family about what they would like to get as Christmas presents. This helps you avoid wasting money. You can avoid buying what they don’t like.
  7. Did you get something last year that isn’t your favorite? If you didn’t like the item, then regift it to some other person.
  8. Make homemade gifts like baked foods, drinks, sauces, lotions, and soaps. You can gift them to your loved ones.
  9. Shop year round so that you can take advantage of all the deals and buy what you need.
  10. Compare the price of goodies before buying them to save money.

Christmas shopping: What American consumers are saying this year

What people are saying Statistics
How many people will shop and how much? 53% will shop and spend $50 or more
How many people will spend more than S100 27%
How many people have decided to not shop $12


Last but not the least,

Don’t worry if you have incurred credit card debt during the festive season. Call (800)-530-OVLG to get free counseling session on how to get rid of it. Our Financial Coach can explain you the OVLG debt relief process in detail and help you settle your debts.

Last Updated on: Tue, 12 Dec 2017