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Can you consolidate debt when it is in collections and save $?
Updated on: 25th May, 2020

One fine day when you pull out your credit report, your eyeballs almost pop out from their sockets. There are so many debt collection accounts in your credit report. There are medical debt collections, student loan debt collections, credit card debt collections, and so on. After you get over your in...

Does your credit score drop for deferring student loans?
Updated on: 11th Nov, 2019

With student loan debt going up day by day, millennials and Gen X generation are getting affected all alike. As per the debt clock, the total student loan debt in our country has already touched $1,6 million mark. Those big payments are taking a toll on the financial life of millennials. One good wa...

Money smart and debt wise is all you need to become!
Updated on: 11th Oct, 2019

Personal finance is a topic not quite faced with detailed explanations. Some money saving tips here, some debt pay-off talks there, and some investment phrases going on and off someplace else.To end such hap-hazard discussions and bring the basics of smart money management to one place, better in a ...

Medical debt accounts on credit reports: What you need to do!
Updated on: 20th Jun, 2019

In USA, medical debt is a major concern for many consumers struggling with debts, and fighting hard to repair their credit. These debts are falling under the category of unwanted and unexpected financial burden, that are very difficult to pay off. Plus, when these debts go unpaid for months, the med...

Are you liable for your deceased parent's medical bill?
Updated on: 6th Jun, 2019

Are you liable for your deceased parent's medical bill? Medical cost is rising sky high. Most of the consumers are worried about their medical cost obligations. Without medical insurance, they can’t afford the medical cost on their own. But the situation comes when you have to worry about the medi...

Increase net worth by identifying good debts and bad debts!
Updated on: 17th May, 2019

Debt is an important financial tool, made available to people, to help them counter immediate expenses and expand their opportunities.Sounds total got up, cock and bull case?!Well, we consumers have proved it so!It is us to blame for the bad name, that debts carry.The enormous debate surrounding goo...

How to save your retirement money from thieves and goons
Updated on: 26th Mar, 2019

Retirement savings is priceless. No matter what the amount is.This money you have saved by working day and night for the past 30 or 40 years. I consider it to be no joke!But the game is not yet over. The war never ends for the warrior.Now that you have a decent amount of money stashed in your vaults...

Get a 15 percent discount on your back-to-school shopping at Target
Updated on: 18th Jul, 2018

Target is back with amazing back-to-school shopping options for the students - from kindergarten to college. From crayons to dorm room essentials, Target’s got your back(pack)! You can get all the back-to-school must-haves at an incredible price at the Target store near campus on the move-in day. ...

4 Ways to minimize Summer hang-out costs
Updated on: 5th Jul, 2018

Summer brings the much-needed warmth after long, dull, and raw winter. The branches shed the weight of the long deposited ice, small twigs try to wake up from their seemingly perpetual slumber and peep out, and the mother nature presents the fruits of her Spring labor.Likewise, you too try to break ...

2015 Year-end bonus: 6 Ways you can make the most of it
Updated on: 12th Mar, 2018

There is a controversy between year-end bonus and quarterly bonus. Some people say, getting quarterly bonus help to save the money. This is because, the end of the year means a possible credit crunch due to the festive season. While some people admit that getting a large amount of money at a time he...

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