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Created By : Stacy B Miller
On 16th Dec,16
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With only a few days remaining for Santa's arrival, you must be in a festive mood right now. And why wouldn't you be? After all, Santa comes only once a year with a bag full of goodies, happiness and warmth for everyone. So, it's not only you who is in festive fever now, but the entire nation.

From my end, Merry Christmas in advance!

When I'm talking about Christmas celebrations, I'm actually referring to good food (yes, that's a must for a foodie like me), gifts for my buddies and pretty decorations. I'm sure the entire nation thinks about these 3 things when it's getting ready to welcome Santa on 25th December.

Although, I'm a great lover of delicious dishes, nice gifts and beautiful decorations, I'm also concerned about my wallet. I absolutely hate the idea of getting creditor phone calls once the celebration is over. So, I've chosen the midway and that is to celebrate Christmas on a budget.

Want to know how is this possible when the cost of every possible item is only increasing everyday? Just check out my do's and don'ts for buying gifts, making nice decorations and having yummy foods.

#How to shop for Christmas gifts on a budget


  1. Complete your Christmas shopping on a budget
  2. Trim your guest list so that you've to buy less
  3. Explore new ways to save on your shopping
  4. Shop early to buy Christmas gifts on a budget
  5. Give special consideration to affordable home-made gifts
  6. Buy gifts your friends want to have
  7. Give a gift which reflects you've given serious thoughts
  8. Give a personal touch when you're giving used gifts
  9. Try to obtain a gift receipt when you're buying for friends
  10. Take advantage of discounts while buying gifts


  1. Avoid buying books, movies, cds from store
  2. Don't carry credit cards in your wallet
  3. Don't go overboard when buying a Christmas gift
  4. Don't spend more than your affordability
  5. Don't purchase inappropriate gifts
  6. Don't gift an item with a price tag on it
  7. Don't forget to read the return policy

#How to decorate for Christmas on a budget


  1. Get ideas from different articles on decorating for Christmas on a budget
  2. Buy lights that are rated for outdoor use
  3. Buy LED lights since they last for a long time
  4. Use light clips to brighten your house everywhere
  5. Pick a Christmas tree that you can keep inside the door
  6. Buy a fresh tree since it lasts for a long time
  7. Buy ordinary candles and tie ribbons at the base
  8. Make paper snowflakes to decorate your Christmas tree
  9. Create a wreath with ribbons and ornaments


  1. Don't neglect safety measures
  2. Don't keep your lights in a bad condition
  3. Don't buy new decorative pieces unless it is absolutely necessary

# How to eat and enjoy Christmas dinner at less


  1. Have Christmas dinner on a budget
  2. Try out recipes which are easy to make
  3. Choose recipes that require less ingredients
  4. Cook those dishes which are cheap but tasty
  5. Go for potluck party as you've to cook less
  6. Create new recipes with your leftovers
  7. Opt for cheaper cuts and cook delicious dishes
  8. If you're making a lavish entree, then make cheap side dishes
  9. Buy seasonable vegetables and look for free turkeys


  1. Don't go for an elaborate menu
  2. Don't buy new plates and glasses. Rather borrow them
  3. Don't forget your mom's rule – write down the menu in advance

So, this was my take on how to do Christmas on a budget. What's your opinion about my list of dos' and don'ts? If I've missed out anything, do let me know. I love trying out new ideas and I'm sure my readers would love to know about them as well.

Last Updated on: Fri, 16 Dec 2016