Does bankruptcy protect both the creditors and debtors?
Updated on: 6th Feb, 2020

Many people are in credit card debt, medical debt, and student loan debt.Now, it’s very common to find yourself in heavy debt, which is beyond your control. Under such circumstances, you can consolidate your debt or go for a debt settlement program to lessen your debt burden.But, if you can't affo...

Can you apply for credit cards after filing bankruptcy?
Updated on: 24th Jan, 2020

Life doesn’t end after filing bankruptcy. But yes, a few restrictions are definitely imposed on your financial life. Does that mean you can’t apply for credit cards after bankruptcy? It isn’t that you can’t apply for credit cards after bankruptcy. It’s just that you may not qualify for the...

Will your immigration be affected by Bankruptcy?
Updated on: 14th Jan, 2020

Bankruptcy does, obviously, bring up a question of moral behavior and character. The thought is still very much prevalent, that if a person has filed for bankruptcy, then some ill habits must be the sole reason for the debtor to cross the boundaries of expenses!In fact, it’s not that bad a thou...

Can my landlord evict me if I file bankruptcy?
Updated on: 21st Nov, 2019

A large number of people think that if they file bankruptcy, their landlord can evict them. This fear is common, but in reality, the automatic stay protection stops any sort of collection attempts and provide protection from eviction as well.Here are some important facts that you should know about e...

Is it possible to file bankruptcy online? How to do it
Updated on: 30th Sep, 2019

Thanks to the Internet boom, almost everything can be done online. Now, the question is, can you file bankruptcy online? The honest answer is, you can file bankruptcy online. But it is far more complex than ordering food online. Plus, it’s quite expensive too especially if you give the wrong inf...

Can a minor file bankruptcy or get affected by it?
Updated on: 1st Nov, 2018

Can a minor file bankruptcy? Well, there is no age bar for filing bankruptcy. But you have to live in a jurisdiction for a long time to get the approval for filing bankruptcy. But, in most states in America, a bankruptcy filer should be of legal age i.e., 18-20 at the time of filing. However, ...

How to lower your car payments in bankruptcy
Updated on: 11th Jul, 2018

When you’re struggling to pay your bills - especially that expensive car loan, you might be wondering if bankruptcy could lower your car payments. Well, it’s true that bankruptcy helps to reduce your car payments. But the ultimate question is how does bankruptcy lower your car payments? The next...

How to get monthly statements in bankruptcy
Updated on: 25th Jun, 2018

Many of my friends find that once they file Chapter 13 bankruptcy, lenders stop sending them monthly statements. Mortgage and car lenders don’t send payment coupon books and monthly statements to debtors. Some lenders don’t even allow debtors to make online payments after filing bankruptcy. Wond...

How to discharge debts you don't know in bankruptcy
Updated on: 22nd May, 2018

Have you finally decided to pay off your debts and make a fresh financial start? Well, in that case, take these 2 steps right now.Step 1 Calculate how much you oweLook at your credit card statements and other bills. Calculate your total outstanding balance. Note it down on a blank sheet of paper.Ste...

Debt settlement or bankruptcy: Which option is better for consumers?
Updated on: 24th Apr, 2018

Both chapter 13 bankruptcy and debt settlement are good options to help you tackle debts. But there are situations when even the most intelligent mind fails to understand which option is the most suitable one, Chapter 13 or debt settlement? But before I begin, I want to clear one thing: ...

Last Updated on: 16 Apr 2018


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