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On 4th Apr,16
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According to a recent estimation by the National Retail Federation, Americans will be spending $18.6 billion on this Valentine’s Day, i.e., each spending $130.97. I have no clue about you but I don’t have that much additional money to spend on this Valentine and, in a way, sacrifice my monthly budget. You must be feeling somewhat hesitant after hearing this, right? You must be feeling that you are not doing justice with your budgeting oaths! If it’s something similar and you don’t want to drain a lot this Valentine’s Day but still want to enjoy the charm to the fullest, below are 5 ‘outside-the-box’ methods that might help.

  1. Plan your dinner in: The restaurants and pubs wait all the year for such occasions and double the bills to make maximum profits. By planning your dinner at home you can save a bundle. You can even plan a cozy and elegant candle light dinner at your lawn. Cooking is fun, isn’t it? Well, my spouse and I planned to cook ours together this Valentine’s Day. After much discussion, we concluded on creamy chicken and rotini primavera, Italian Turkey sliders with honey Dijon mayonnaise, and a delicious Lobster preparation. And yes, it just came within our budget.
  2. Commemorate your first Valentine’s Day: Take a trip down the memory lane and visit the places you had visited on your first date. You may go to the same restaurant, watch the same movie and walk long down the road while returning back to your place. You can even wear what you wore that night. This would certainly hail the sweet memories and make your night pleasant for you.
  3. Shrink and don’t inflate: Instead of purchasing a bouquet of roses of different colors, get one single red rose and give it to your beloved in a romantic way. You can even replace the box of chocolate for the favorite candy of your Valentine.
  4. Write handwritten love-letter: If you are yet to frame nuptial bonds, send him/her a hand-written love letter and express what you feel for him/her. Trust me; nothing can be more charming, loving and memorable than this. I myself sent last year, and it worked.
  5. Starbucks Afternoon Date: Starbucks is offering Buy 1 and Get 1 free Specialty Drinks for their customers ending 2/14. So go and get one with your spouse before they pull down the screen.

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