I get lots of emails from an ex-friend of mine who is spreading rumors about my family and is causing me stress. My husband has been recently laid off and I’m already in enough stress for that. She is telling my family members and friends that my kinds are not my husband’s kids and emailing to other friends who are asking me the same question. Every time I block her account, she creates a new one and starts the same thing over again. This is really hampering my and my family’s reputation. What can I do against that ex-friend? Can I sue her? Any advice would be appreciated.

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Yes, you can have a suit for defamation and as she is spreading rumor that you cheated on your husband, she is referring to you as “unchaste”, which is obviously an act of slander. Therefore, special damages need not to be proved under CA Civil code section 45 and 46. You should consult a personal injury or defamation lawyer to fully disclose the facts.

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Last Updated on: Fri, 8 Jun 2018

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